The Over Indulgence of Karachians!

By Anjum Khan 


Let’s face it .. we all love to go to the parties and gorge on yummy foods being served there..
But it is one thing to eat and enjoy the variety served and it’s completely the opposite to indulge in gluttony and waste food by filling plates upto the brim and not even finishing half of it.
What’s more people casually just go and keep their half eaten plate aside and get a new plate just so to see what other stuff served they could not stuff on their overly pilled plate at the first time, now they wanna taste what they could not indulge in earlier KAY KAHIN KUCH TASTE KIYE BINA REH NA JAI usper bhi they fill their plate like a mini mountain and leave the half eaten plate again aside and go back to their seats all smiling ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat “Jaisey Koi Bara Karnama Kerkey Arahey Hain”..
Even at that point their eyes rove around for chai .. “CHAI NAHI SERVE HORAHI ? TALAB HO RAHI HAI ,BOHAT KHA LIYA”they can be heard complaining ..🙄
If the above mention scenario is common to you then you exactly know what I am talking about.
Last time I went to a desi party in
NJ I saw something that I really liked, though some desis complained a lot about it ,”LO JEE,AB LOG HAMAIN DAL KEY DAIN GEY? “
The food was actually being served by the waiters standing behind the food tables by each serving container,
the people kept proceeding forward in a line .. this way I observed very lil was wasted as SAHARAM KEY MAREY no one dared asked the waiters to fill their plates upto the max.😁
Ofcourse this way the hotel management saved more food but atleast it did not got wasted !
I think this system should be used in Pakistani parties as well but I know it’s not gonna be implemented for the fear of being termed Kanjoos and having their guests offended.
Another good option would be to cut down on the number of food items served altogether.
Think about it ..on one hand our gareeb awam is getting grinded under the Mehengai problem A very small amount of people can afford to eat meat frequently in one month and some in only months, they r hardly making their ends meet, and on the other hand the rich are seen serving dozens of food dishes at their functions and lavish parties just so to show off their high standard and caliber to be one up in their community and friends.
Do u know 30/40 percentage of the food served is wasted half eaten in the plates and gets dumped into the garbage bin.
Jubkey hamara Mazhub hamai sakhti sey Rizq zaya kerney sey rokta hai …Throwing way food is considered as a big gunah..still some people keep doing it without feeling bad😕
It would be nice to have less number of dishes served in the dawat and use the rest of the money making a big hole in your pocket ,to distribute Ration among the poor, or give the money to any orphanage or help a poor persons child get through education or give a helping hand in getting a needy persons daughter getting married.. u know there r many ways one can sudhar one’s Deen and Dunya at the same time.
Pta nahi Hum kub seekhain gey ?

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Image may contain: food
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Image may contain: food

Having a car decorated for a wedding or Valima has now become part and parcel of wedding functions and its other related requisitions,
Gaari ko dulhan ki trah sajana for the baraat is a near compulsory thing now
Infact it’s taken as one the most important things on the Do list.
For the rich it’s no big deal.. but for the middle class Safaid posh people it has become a thing of prestige.
Baraat kisi achi si saji sajai gari mei laker jana has become an additional must kharcha on the poor souls.
After arranging the car from a friend or a family member ( if the dulhas car is not considered big or in good shape enough for the grand day )phir number ata hai usko sajwaney kay liye kisi achi si professional jaga dena.
Car decorating thing over the time has now become a full fledge business.
There r special places/shops opened for the task .. Pehley bhi theen but ab it has gone into a new dimension,
Internet per booking hoti hai
Designs select hota hai ,
Bhao Tao …Nahi hota .
Their rates are fixed because there is much more then just few strands of phooloon ki larayan thrown around the frame of the car.. The workers transform the car into a Complete work of art .
New Ideas r taken from the internet ofcourse and their charge is also done accordingly.
Have a look at the Dulhan ki tarah saji huwee cars and you’l know what I mean .
The selection of the floral designs chosen for application varies by the taste of the customer .. some like it over done, as u can see giving it quite a gaudy look 😁…yet some like it done within the norms of sophistication ☺️


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About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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