Major John Crawford

By Dr. Adnan Zuberi 

Goodbye, John
Major John Crawford, today has left for his heavenly abode. John was 92 and WW2 veteran, born in Paisley, Scotland. He was my next door neighbour and we had long association. Simple, nice and kind with typical militarily disciplined gentleman. Always ready to help with great sense of humor. Some 15 years ago,at birth of my son, John and his wife Kate, visited us. He left me flabbergasted and amazed when he said,میں اس بچہ کا داداہے
Then he revealed that he was first posted in Meerut (UP), India for few months then in Karachi. Major Crawford was stationed in karachi between 1944-1947. He was present and witnessed the ceremony of independence in Karachi on 14 August 1947. He shared his memories and talked about the sentiments of people on the day of independence. Today in his funeral service here in Hartlepool, one of his relative revealed that Major Crawford had served as special staff of last viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten in Dehli before coming back to UK.
Once I said to him, John what a coincidence that first you posted in Meerut, a birthplace of my father. Then you stationed in my birth place, Karachi and now you are in Hartlepool, a birth place of my children.
Nothing last forever. Forever is a lie. All we have is what’s in between Hello and Goodbye.


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  1. Waheed says:

    It will be nice if Dr Zuberi right the column in detail by adding names and alittle more about his father too.

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