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Amin H. Karim MD 
Write to this email if you are interested in writing blogs on this website in keeping with the established policy.

You can also follow the facebook group for informal posts regarding Old and New Karachi.  It is a closed group but you can request membership. We allow anyone to join the group as long as they adhere to the group rules regardless of their present location.


1 Response to Contact Us

  1. Zubair Abbasi says:

    My name is Zubair Abbasi and I’m a 3rd medical student studying in Ziauddin Medical University doing MBBS. I love karachi’s heritage and the significance it has seen my dada, then my father and now me grow plus the amount of involvement some famous personalities have had here its amazing. Thank you for motivating our young generation to look after and care about our cities legacy. Very grateful for all your contributions.

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