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Faster Than Dust Storms of Karachi

By Menin Rodrigues Tony CastellinoThank you for sharing this.He was travelling in a railway carriage with his head sticking out of the window and hit an electric pole on a railway platform. He died on the spot. This is not … Continue reading

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Sir Seth Jehangir Hormasji

By Dr. Sohail Ansari Sir Seth Jehangir Hormasji Kothari (Born: 9 November 1857 – Died: 1 November 1934) His grandfather was Charles Napier’s agent who came to Karachi from Surat. Had basic education at Karachi High School. Karachiites will remember … Continue reading

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Mules Mansion

By Dr. Saad Bashir This building has been mentioned before.The family of a boyhood friend of mine lived in an apartment in this building for nearly 40 years – till 1985.On the roof at the seaward corner of the building … Continue reading

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The R101 Crash

By Dr. Adnan Zuberi The ‘Largest Airship’ Destined for Karachi Crashed in FranceThe Air Disaster which Shook the British AviationKarachi was Ready to Welcome the World’s Largest AirshipMooring Mast for R101 was already build to Receive ( Docking) at Karachi … Continue reading

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O.B. Nazareth: The All Time Favorite Teacher.

By Menin Rodrigues

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Mickey Correa: A Karachi Goan Boy Who Became India’s Greatest Jazz Musician

By Menin Rodrigues ( 28 August 2020 Mickey Correa was born in Mombasa (Kenya) in1913 before moving to Karachi in 1924 where he spent most of hischildhood, attending St. Patrick’s High School and playing on thestreets of Saddar. His penchant … Continue reading

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P.N.S. Karsaz Karachi

By Dr. Adnan Zuberi  Karsaz is a famous neighborhood of Karachi. This is one of the oldest Cantonment of British Army. In 1920s RAF developed an Airstrip here and their ammunition depot. Colonel T E Lawrence ( Lawrence of Arabia) … Continue reading

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Ramzan Time in Karachi of 1960s

RAMZAN time in Karachi of the ‘60s, as I remember By Menin Rodrigues KARACHI: 24 April 2020 – We had not heard of RAMADAN. It was RAMZAN for all. Everyone in the city knew what it meant in terms of … Continue reading

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Cleaning My City, Not a Big Deal

Cleaning my city, not a big deal! By Menin Rodrigues September 10, 2019 – Federal committees, provincial governments, the municipal corporation, the mayor’s antics – are all cock and bull stories! Karachi, my beleaguered city does not need any of … Continue reading

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Karachi’s Babs

Babra Sharif: By Raju Jamil (2013) Over the decades, newspapers, magazines, TV chat shows, morning shows, evening shows, every kind of shows, have displayed a proliferation of B’s images and work she so wondrously accomplished in Pakistan Film Industry. Having … Continue reading

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