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Chick Peas

By Dr. Sohail Ansari   Shah Jahan was imprisoned, by his son Aurangzeb, in the Fort of Agra where he spent eight long years. The story goes that he was asked to pick one dish that he would be served … Continue reading

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Ramzan Time in Karachi of 1960s

RAMZAN time in Karachi of the ‘60s, as I remember By Menin Rodrigues KARACHI: 24 April 2020 – We had not heard of RAMADAN. It was RAMZAN for all. Everyone in the city knew what it meant in terms of … Continue reading

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Samuel Fyzee Rahameen

By Dr. Adnan Zuberi  Goddess Tune ( راگ توڑی ) This is the name of this painting. A Painting of a Karachiite in Tate Gallery, London since 1912. Samuel Fyzee Rahameen, born 1880 in a Jew family in Poona,India. Married … Continue reading

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History Created at Gandhi Garden

By Dr, Sohail Ansari  A history was created at Gandhi Garden on 22nd April 1967 when a pair of mute swans and Russian mullard ducks bred in captivity for the first time in 15 years. The wild ducks or swans … Continue reading

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Khana Wala

Decoding a Pakistani’s dream from Kalakot, Lyari MENIN RODRIGUES AUGUST 12, 2018 Decoding a Pakistani’s dream from Kalakot, Lyari MENIN RODRIGUES AUGUST 12, 2018 What have we given them in return? They still live in poverty, still work very hard … Continue reading

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By  Amin H. Karim Closeup of the good old tram on its way to Cantt Station from Saddar. MTC= Mohammed Ali Tram Co. MTC earned extra money by ads on the tram. The tram was drivable from both sides. The … Continue reading

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Karachi’s Roadside Dentists

By Anjum Khan  Road side “Dandaan saaz,”the poor man’s dentists:-😓 The phrase Neem Hakeem “khatra e jaan” sits best on these road side Dundaan saaz (self acclaimed Dental physicians) .. more then their audacity and confidence of playing with the … Continue reading

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Mohsin Shirazi

By Raju Jamil  Raju Jamil 4 hrs Rest In Peace At Heaven Abode Dear Mohsin… IMPORTANT;;;;;;;; Please note that this article was written in Oct 2014 a month before the spiceless and dry Golden Jubilee of PTV) @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ “Sach Khedoun … Continue reading

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The “Saint” Schools of Karachi

By Azra Malik (Alumnus St. Joseph’s Convent School) Locked down ! Sitting idle at home with not much to do, except reading and writing. Thinking fondly about the past and looking back at the way things used to be. A … Continue reading

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