Hasina Moin

Anjum Khan

If you were a youngster in the 70s in Pakistan than you definitely grew up watching Hasina Moins Tv plays..
My earliest recall list includes her ever so famous ..Shehzori , uncle Urfi and Zer Zabar Paish , (incidentally they all had the good looking actor Shakeel (our blue eyed handsome dude from Karachi) as the lead hero H.M’s Perchayan was the first colored television play aired from Ptv in the 70s) with the young and beautiful couple Sahira and Rahat Kazmi as lead,Just like Shakil’s popularity bagged him yet another Hasina ji’s masterpiece in the 80s Called Ankahi Rahat Kazmis killer handsome looks also made her vote for him once again as the lead hero in Dhoop kinarey in the 90s and.. He proved her right, cause even after two whole decades he still managed looked so dashing and handsome.
Do u know Hasina Moin was the first ever Pakistani tv play writer in the 70’s who wrote an original script for a TV series ..( Kiran Kahani)
“Is sey pehley sirf novels per kahaniyan bunti theen!
Thanks to mr Mohsin Ali who encouraged her to go for the new experiment .. and it clicked instantly.
Yehan I must add the audience really loved the character of Dr Salman played by the handsome mr Manzoor Qureshi as the hero in the play😊
One thing was very obvious in most of Hasina Moins dramas ..they were pakkay heroin orientated plays..👌🏼
Girl power and girls rule was her thing or it looked, but in a very good fashionly manner I’d say. This dominating feature in some of her dramas may look odd to some but eventually her heroins got tamed and they jumped off the high horse soon as they found their love in the play (much to the relief of some seriously concerned viewers 😄)
H.M’s list of hit plays is pretty impressive .. each bagged its due applause in abundance from its viewers ..After the 70s,Shehzori, Kiran Kahani, Uncle Urfi, Zer Zabar Pesh,and Perchayan,The 80 and the 90/s and the so on eras brought us some unforgettable hits like ( in random order).. Bandish,Tanhayaan,Ankahi,
Dhund, Dhoop kinarey, Ahat, Kasak,Kohar,Des perdes, Tarey aajaney sey, kaisa yeh janoon, Dhundle rastay,
Padosi,Tansen,and Dastak r just to name a few that stole its viewers hearts every time.. even when they were on repeat telecast.
Remember In the 80s people bought whole sets Video cassettes and later CDs of their choice of Hasina Moins famous drama series, just so to enjoy it at their own time with families and friends.😁.. (I still have the whole set of Ankahi and Dhoop kinarey with us☺️)
Another thing ..Jo bhi aj tak Hasina Moin ki tv serials ki heroin bani ,bus …woh tu chaa gain sub key dilon pay ..that kind of strong character she always penned.👌🏼
From Nilofer Abbasi( shehzori) to Late,Roohi Bano ( Kiran Kahani& Zer zabar Paish) , to Sahira kazmi ( Parchyan) to Shahla Ahmed (Uncle Urfi) to Shahnaz Sheikh (Unkahi & Tanhayan) to late Khalida Riyasat ( Bandish, Dhundh and Parosi) to Zeba Bakhtiyar (Tansen )
to Sania Saeed ( Ahat)
to Marina khan (Tanhayian, Dhoop kinarey Kohar and Parosi) to Nadia khan
( pal do pal and Des Perdes) and …so many more!!
Hasina M also has many tele films and Eid plays to her credit ..
Plus she inked prominent films like Zeba bhaktiyars “Henna”and Usmam peerzadas “yeh Nazdeekian” along with a few more.
Honestly Hasina jee u have quite a large number of feathers on your cap .. masha Allah sey ..❤️👏🏼👏🏼!!!
What more to add ..except that as your fans, HasinaJee, we are all eyes for yet another powerful hamgama khais play (as per your riwayat )hopefully its on
way 💕

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