Nightingale of Pakistan

Anjum Khan 

In my opinion she is the true Nightingale of Pakistan.. there is something so soothing so calm and yet so melodious about her style of singing that it makes the listener close his eyes and just enjoy her voice which is pure joy ..that’s the kind of impact she puts on the listening ears. (not) surprisingly her voice is equally good for ghazal , geet and semi classical at the same time and she has proved this time and again.
Very few know that Nayara jees dad was in an active member of All India Muslim League, he hosted Qayad e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah on his
trip to Assam.
Born in Gawatti Assam in 1950 Nayara’s family didn’t move to Pakistan till 1957/58.. Her dad joined the family much much later , he stayed back to look after the immovable property in Assam.
Nayara grew up hearing bhajans and Thumris of Akhtari begum on radio as a child,And let me tell you here she didn’t have any formal training in music she was just blessed with good vocals.
Starting her carrier from Pakistan television in the early 70s Nayara’s voice was heard and noticed immediately by the filmy music pundits then and so they offered her to sing for films
Before i go naming all her lovely songs which will definitely zoom you back in your own memory lane .. let’s talk a bit about how she actually entered this field .
Tu jenaab It so happened that she was heard singing for her friends and teachers at the annual dinner at the National college of Arts in Lahore, it was around 1968 A professor liked her voice so much that he recommended her name to take part in the university’s radio Pakistan program back in 1968 and she started taking part in that program on quite regular basis singing songs, which later helped her to go on television and then enter films and…
the rest is history ,
All said and done on the history of her SUR KA let’s move to the best part ..☺️
Jee., names of some of her super hit numbers over the time period from 1971-2012 .
☀️Tera Saya Jehan Bhi Ho Sajna (1973)
Film Gharana
☀️Aj Ghum Hai Tu Kia …(1973)
film Mastana.
☀️Bol ri gurya bol Zara (1973)Film Aas
☀️Tu hi bta Pagli pawan (1974) film
Phool merey gulshan ka
☀️itna bhi na chaho mujhey (1974)
film Parda na uthao
☀️Ik ajnabi chehrey sey mulaqaat huwee Baghi haseena
☀️MAYSAM tu dewana hai 1975
Film Do Sathi
☀️Tera piyar bunkey aya Film bhool
☀️Kuch log mohabat ka Sila.. Film
☀️Roothay ho tum , tumko kaisey manaoo piya.. 1977 film Aina. And
☀️Mujhey dil sey na bhulana.
She has sung som really cool non filmi ghazals dad well,
I love her ,
☀️Jalay tu jalao gori ( Ibne Insha )
☀️Aai Ishq hamain Barbaad na ker,
And her ever so famous,
Ai jazba e dil gar mei chahoon
(Behzad Lakhnavi )
And that lovely patriotic song jisko sun ker our heart melts for the love of our nation.
☀️Watan ki mitti gawa rehna.
And last but not the least those who remember Sahira Kazmi’s TEESRA KINARA .. they can never forget that beautiful beautiful song,
☀️Kabhi hum khobsoorat they..👍🏼
Winner of 5 Nigar awards For some reason Nayara stoped singing after 2012 …even though we have so many of her songs to cherish for life
Yet her fans would love her to resume back her singing.
Non the less we wish her all the best
Nayara is Married to the famous actor Shaheryar Zaidi ( who used to also sing with her in the 1970s Gup Shup) so obviously music runs in the blood of her two sons,
Her younger son Jaffer Zaidi is the lead vocalist for the music band KAVISH ,while her eldest one Naad e Ali has already started his debut as a solo singer.

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