Manzoor Qureshi

By Ms. Anjum Khan


His sweet coy shy smile has never left his side .. even after all these years MANZOOR QURESHI still retains that charm and that elegant persona which has always been part of his graceful personality . As one of the senior actors ( work wise) of our television he is still seen actively performing on the mini screen The producers love to cast him cause they know the kind of rolls fit him like a hand in glove are only his domain.
Right from KIRAN KAHANI in 1973 he managed to hit off by his charming good looks and performance,
especially with the female fans who instantly fell head over heals in love with the dashing young doctor on the screen cause where on one hand we had the loud and fiery ROOHI BANO
as the lead actress we had MANZOOR QURESHI holding the reigns of the series on the other hand with his soft romantic and sweet mannerisms .. No one can forget the scenes of Dr Salman with Miss Aashi ,To this day I feel those were one of the finest and the sweetest most romantic scenes filmed on Pakistan television.
In ANIE KI AI GI BARAAT”(2012) a comedy drama series and a sequel to other β€œBaraat” series by Marina khan and Nadeem Baig) the younger generation supposedly try to fix up their Naani with this middle age handsome but a lil heavy on the scale guy, the results are super hilarious but MANZOOR.Q.proved to the audience that he can be very comfortable in doing comedy and plus he still has that charm in him even after all these years
We can by all means call MANZOOR QURESHI a versatile actor,
Some of his hit drama series include
and lot more.
Only in his late 50s now (59 to be exact )We wish him all the best in health and happiness now and also in the years to follow and hope to keep seeing him in many many more drama series in the making.
To sum it up I would like to say again ,
artists who have managed to retain their style, grace and caliber,Manzoor Qureshi sahab you belong in that top rankers list even to this day.😊
Ps: just learnt from Manzoor sahab himself that Ma sha Allah He is 70 years old., unbelievable isn’t it !!

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