Marina Khan

Anjum Khan 


From looks to talent and brains,to smartness, poise and versatility she had all this and more from day one which helped her have a great head start for her carrier on TV,
The first time viewers saw MARINA KHAN it was a small role in a play which was a tribute to shaheed RASHID MINHAS, They were taken back! and when I say taken back I mean they were really taken back ..More then her pretty looks it was her confidence level that made her presence more notable ..Her role in the play was quite serious infact more then the few dialogues that she had to utter it was her facial expressions that did most of the good work.. A lil while after that impressive debut came the prize winning role of SANYA that worked like magic for her,
she was offered to act in HASINA MOINS TANHAYAN in 1985,
now imagine, working in Hasina jees dramas is itself a huge applause and recognition for a new comer, right,
and then on top, if you have talent as well, wow man, then think like this ..
I don’t have to put into many words,
we all saw the kind of precision she
put forward in the character of SANYA
It was done with so much ease and flawless ness that not even once it looked like she was acting on the screen,
Every one just loved that shararti Sanya along with her pink panther ..
In 1987 we saw she was back again with a bang in yet another HASINA jees hit series called DHOOP KINAREY
Under the master direction of SAHIRA KAZMI this time, Marina showed her versatile style as DR ZOYA opposite the ever so handsome RAHAT KAZMI , and as per her RIVAYAT the viewers loved her again.
After TANHAYAN we saw MARINA in a number of drama serials like ,
( Not) surprisingly MARINA did not curtail herself for only younger roles she didn’t mind opting to be seen older then her age group, Plus she didn’t even mind doing special appearances in some plays (just so to grace the plays) which also proves the humbleness in her nature.
Doing better and better and achieving more in the process made MARINA go towards the line of direction and production side by side her first live acting Those of you who have seen her those famous “BARAAT”sequels namely ..💥AZAR💥DOLLY💥TAKAY and ANI KI AI GI BARAAT,can certainly vouch for her to be quite a success behind the screen as well .
And as if all this was not enough MARINA decided to stretch her hand further,this time she ventured into films, Cine viewers saw her in couple a good movies like,
A cameo appearance in,💥PUNJAB NAHI JAON GI,plus in💥NAMOOM AFRAD 2,and 💥PARVAZ HAI JANON.
Currently MARINA is residing in KARACHI,she is working as a representative for WORLD WILD LIFE FUNDING (WWF)…and I am sure there is more up in her sleeve than all this .☺️
A recipient of LUX STYLE AWARDS ,at the age of only 57 she is full of life and ambitions besides looking quite ravishing indeed.
We wish her all the best in her present and future endeavors.
And from all of us here it is,
We love you MARNIA KHAN.. ❤️
We r anxiously waiting for your next appearance on TV.

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