Sahira Kazmi: Loaded to the Brim With Talent

By Anjum Khan 


A man works from Dawn to Dusk and a women’s job never ends or it seems aisey mei to be able to excel in both fronts (job and ghar) and even make a respectable name in it with your hard work and talent .. well that’s not an easy feat We have innumerable Pakistani women in different fields of life including show biz holding the reigns of both fronts and balancing it pretty well !
One such lady that I admire in show biz is “SAHIRA KAZMI”When ever I think of a picture of an ideal Pakistani women somehow Sahira Kazmi’s face comes in my mind and pray why not .. she has what it takes to be on that caliber ..
To begin with she is educated ,
she has beautiful looks (with lustrous hair and good heights as an added attraction to her personality.😊)
She is loaded to the brim with talent and brains No wonder she treaded on all three venues, acting , directing and being a producer with equal ease.
She has in her cap many successful tv drama series which will be remembered by the tv viewers till they live.
You know it’s not easy for a woman to mark a name in the man’s world Sometimes she has to work on the double to prove her self… And Sahira Kazmi did the same and her work speaks volumes.
As we know She started her acting carrier on TV in the early 70s from the famous drama series “Qurbatain aur Fasley”as female lead against non other than her future hubby to be ,the very handsome and talented “Rahat Kazmi, later the charming duo worked in another great hit “Parchayan” followed by another huge hit “ Teesra kinara”
Viewers went berserk over these drama series The couple (by than married) looked so cute together , their looks and chemistry complemented each other ☺️) These plays were adoption of famous foreign novels so it was also
like a wiff of fresh air and a little break from the typical story lines depicted in our dramas for the viewers than.
Being at the peak of TV female actors at that time didn’t stop Sahira from stopping her acting and venturing into something much more harder and challenging,She successfully went behind the cameras and directed some Memorable (with a capital M )TV
series for us .. who can ever forget
💥Dhop Kinarey 💥Rozi💥Ahat
💥Zaib un Nisa💥Zikar hai Kai sal ka
💥Tapish💥Khaleej 💥Anch
💥Hawa ki beti 💥Nijaat.and some more single plays in between.😊
Sahira also has this tag of being “bold” to her credit in the sense that she is not afraid to pin point the taboos in our maashra through her dramas.
While “Hawa ki beti” was about women’s rights and their imaging in Pakistan, “Ahat” and “Zaib un Nisa”told and educate us on the importance of family planning and to stop blaming the poor women and that …it’s okay to have daughters only.
Kudos to Sahira to boldly go where non other thought to venture.👍🏼 i would say even if one family watching these dramas changed their thinking .. Her job at it is a tremendous success,
And I am sure this must have served as a food for thought for many many many viewers… and that’s Sahira,she likes to go beyond the conventional box to have her word across That’s why she never hasitated to highlight the socio-economic conditions and inequality in our society… She also likes to experiment new things like she for the first time tried outdoor shooting for songs. Her famous “Watan ki Mitti gawa rehna”sung by “Nayara Noor” is so innovative yet such a simple and beautiful master piece I’d say .. using kids painting the Pakistani flag along with Nayara Noors sweet vocals
behind serves as a treat to watch it every time.☺️
In 2007 Sahira was eventually given her rightfully deserved “ Pride of Performance Award ”(which I think was pretty late but then, better late than never)
Sahira as we know has two good looking and talented kids “Nida and Ali kazmi”who ofcourse have sparks of talent from both their parents side in their genes…while Hawa ki beti was Nidas debut acting play The very handsome Ali Kazmi we have seen in so many innumerable dramas and films He is really good at acting,If u have seen his work you will vouch for that too.😊
Remember the saying “The fruit does not fall from the tree☺️
We love you Sahira 💕.. and we miss your work. please give us more memorable tv plays if possible.
Ps . Rahat Kazmi Jee I haven’t forgotten you sir .. you deserve a separate article which will duly be done soon.😊


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