Ayurvedic Stores of Arambagh

Amin H. Karim MD


1983: Corner of Shahrah-e-Liaquat and Arambagh Road. There were stores on the front of Shevakunj Hostel which once was a residence for NED College of Engineering Students. It is later occupied by Rangers, but lately empty building in a poor condition. The herbal stores stand out. One was Shams Ayurvedic Dawakhana which was a stockist for the Sadhana Ausudhalaya Ltd. Dacca. This herbal company was established by Jogesh Chandra Ghosh (1887 – 4 April 1971) who was a scholar, Ayurveda physician, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He pioneered the use of Ayurveda in British India

and founded the Ayurvedic drugstore Sadhana Aushadhalaya in 1914. Other stores like Akbar Store are visible. Hamdard Dawakhana is a couple of furlongs away on Arambagh Road in this neighborhood. There are many non- medical registered practitioners with names like Cheen Health Clinic and German Health Clinic dealing with a variety of diseases in the same area. On the side walk sit vendors with different varieties of cacti and salamanders.(used for their oil). AHK July 23 2019

About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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1 Response to Ayurvedic Stores of Arambagh

  1. Javed Abdullah says:

    My mother, Dr. Zainab Abdullah had her Maternity home on Arambagh road from soon after partition to the late 60’s.

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