Karachi’s Babs

Babra Sharif:

By Raju Jamil (2013)

Over the decades, newspapers, magazines, TV chat shows, morning shows, evening shows, every kind of shows, have displayed a proliferation of B’s images and work she so wondrously accomplished in Pakistan Film Industry.

Having written blogs on some biggies of pak showbiz earlier, when I decided the task of chronicling something about BS, who to me, is the pristine practitioner of our Showbiz limited to the cinema, I dare say I had the temerity to do this because of an innate feeling that the subject by umpteenth counts, deserves to be given a smidgen of the accolades, kudos and praise galore she so well deserves.

Of late, gratifyingly, new approaches and a continuous expansion of her talents with diversifying innovative mannerism, has explored the active role of this actress in generating the meaning, pleasure and various identities for a diversity of audiences on silver screen.

Some may not know that Babra Sharif first appeared on TV playing second fiddle to Roohi Bano when Hasina Moin, inspired by her advert on ‘Jet Washing Powder’ introduced her in PTV Karachi’s one of the popular serial “Kiran Kahani” in probably 1972-73. Babra fully justified the role and stood tall…soon to be noticed by Shabab Keranvi to take bets on her with my buddy Ghulam Mohiuddin in his movie “Mera Naam Hai Muhabbat” which, though a tragedy, touched the Himalayan peak on popularity and there was no looking back for Babs…since then.

For next few decades–we saw Babs rule the film industry so well by alo maintaining her approach we call most mesmerising and loving.

Babs never looked back, kept her head high, eyes on the ground without an iota of anything which uncomforted her colleagues and the film family and worked her way through her God gifted talents, well capitalising on them with an explore of better yet better.

Babs has never been under stress. Perhaps because she started believing that the onus of her success does not rest entirely on her shoulders now. At her age now, she feels less burdened and far more inclined to continue with the great talent, extempore talent, she has been blessed by Almighty.

Babs is always chirpy, far from the madding crowd of Showbiz politics, strictly professional without any political affiliation. I was surprised to her such loving and caring affections those few minutes I met her at Karachi Airport a year or so back—after 1973. She was affectionate and all smiles…which made her look more cute, beautiful and charming.

Babs performances we all have enjoyed and amassed in our sweetest thoughts, carry a medicine of sooth, calm and pristine for the viewers…a very very large number of viewers in the country, in our neighbourhood India and the Americas, The Gulf and the Europe or wherever the Urdu language is understood and spoken. Babs commanded respects for her unmatched and unparalleled outstanding and glorious acts in Films and even in adverts.

As a person, she could be someone like you may have known for ages. Composed, thorough and mildly social as well as reserved and strict to her work.

I first met Babs when she was unknown but it was then that i felt and knew that this young girl has enormous talent waiting to be explored and perhaps God heard me that soon….i was to see her at PTV Karachi in late Shirin Azim Khan’s room doing rehearsals with Roohi, late Zafar Masud and Manzur Qureshi and for some moments and glances she tried to recollect me. I missed doing a role in Kiran Kahani as I was traveling to Rawalpindi for my bank’s work.

I wish Babs a great going forward with tranquility and being suggestive I am, I must insist that she makes a comeback on mini screen to give out all her experiences so well knit in film industry that the viewers will certainly be delighted to yet again see her back in action.

At this point, why it may not matter, but I do register my protest to the authorities concerned that a talent like that of Babra Sharif, has not been duly recognised and its time that it should be done.

Long live Babra Sharif and thank you Babs for all the entertainment and movies galore we saw you give to the country which has literally no film industry left now.
-Raju Jamil

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About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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