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Karachi Khabarnama On PTV of Late 60s

KARACHI’S KHABARNAMA ON PTV OF LATE 60’S By  Raju Jamil At dot 9PM a certain music to ears signature tune use to alert the city that “KHABARNAMA” is on initially and for the first time starting from. PTV Lahore as … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s High School, Karachi.

Secondary school building of St. Patrick’s School. The photo is from before the 1980’s It was designed by Rev. Fr. Hillary Lardinoye OFM., the Dutch priest-architect. He also designed St. Joseph’s College for Women and St. Lawrence’s Girls School. (Information courtesy … Continue reading

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Dow Medical College Inauguration 1945

INAUGURATION OF DOW MEDICAL COLLEGE BUILDING 1945. Amin H. Karim MD Dow Class of 1977 November 1945:  The inauguration of the building of Dow Medical College, Karachi. Minister of Sindh Mr. Pir Ilahi Bux addressing the audience.  Governor of SIndh … Continue reading

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List of Cinemas in Karachi

Complete List Cinemas in Karachi Amin H. Karim A complete list of cinemas in Karachi since 1917. In 1917, there were around 119 cinemas in Karachi that has been reduced to just 34 in 2007.  1977 is considered as a peak year of cinema industry in Karachi when 110 cinemas were running with full occupancy Cinema’s Locations and Status Afshan Cinema, Waheed Murad Road, Open Alif Laila Cinema, Saeedabad, Closed Amber Cinema, Bahadrabad, Closed Anjuman Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah … Continue reading

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Cinema Halls of Karachi

AH! THE CINEMA HALLS OF KARACHI-I MAY NEVER FORGET…………… By Raju Jamil I talk of 1960 the first ever time I was allowed to go to a cinema hall but only the Sunday Morning Special or Matinee or at best–1st … Continue reading

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Uncle Urfi 1975

PTV KARACHI’S MEGA HIT COMEDY CUM TRAGEDY SERIAL OF EARLY 70’S Uncle Urfi: (1975) By Raju Jamil PTV Karachi center was tense…….. There were no value scripts that it would take stakes on. Frustration led to an urgent meeting among … Continue reading

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Pakistan TV Most Loved Drama Series 1970s

PAKISTAN TELEVISION’s Most loved drama series of early 70’s: “Aik Muhabbat Sau Afsane”   I am a witness to a very large communities in Karachi going absolutely engrossed in each of the 13 episodes of AMSA which had in AIK … Continue reading

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Pakistan TV Karachi Shows in 60-70’s

PTV KARACHI’S MOST POPULAR FROST SHOW WE PRESENTED AS “GAR TU BURA NA MANAY” *Raju Jamil* “Sach Khedoun Aie Barhamin…Gar Tu Bura Na Maanay Tere Sanam Kadoun Ke Butth Ho Gaye Puranay” This famous verse of Allama Iqbal had a … Continue reading

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Institutions Involved in Preserving Karachi Heritage Marvi Mazhar & Associates is an independent architecture and design studio, nestled under the shade of a Pisonia tree in Karachi, Pakistan. The studio is guided by the principles of regional architecture and specialises in restoring historic buildings, managing conservation assessment studies, … Continue reading

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Studio Number Nau of Radio Pakistan. Karachi.

RADIO PAKISTAN KARACHI STUDIO NUMBER NAU (9) EVERY SUNDAY 9 PM: By Raju Jamil To the veterans, it could be the most pleasant yet tearful mixed with happiness memory remembering “Studio No. 9” which was broadcast every Saturday and found … Continue reading

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