List of Cinemas in Karachi

Complete List Cinemas in Karachi

Amin H. Karim

A complete list of cinemas in Karachi since 1917.
In 1917there were around 119 cinemas in Karachi that has been reduced to just 34 in
2007.  1977 is considered as a peak year of cinema industry in Karachi when 110
cinemas were running with full occupancy

Cinema’s Locations and Status
Afshan Cinema, Waheed Murad Road, Open
Alif Laila Cinema, Saeedabad, Closed
Amber Cinema, Bahadrabad, Closed
Anjuman Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Closed
Arshi Cinema, Federal B. Area, Closed
Badar Cinema, Kiamari, Closed
Bambino Cinema, Garden Road, Open
Capital Cinema, Saddar, Closed
Capri Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Open
Casino Cinema, Malir, Closed
Chamman Cinema, Pak Colony, Closed
Chandani Cinema, Sabzi Mandi, Closed
Cineplex 1 Cinema, Clifton , Open
Cineplex 2 Cinema, Clifton , Open
Crown Cinema, Lyari, Open
De Luxe Cinema, Maripur, Closed
Delight Cinema, Sher Shah, Open
Dilshad Cinema, SITE, Closed
Dreamland Drive In. CLosed
Empire (Qismat) Cinema, Mission Road, Closed
Eroz Cinema, Waheed Murad Road, Closed
Falcon Cinema, Maripur, Closed
Filmistan Cinema, Teen Hatti, Closed
Firdous Cinema, Liaquatabad , Closed
Fleet Club Cinema, Saddar, Closed
Ghalib Cinema, Korangi, Open
Glaxy Cinema, Liaquatabad , Closed
Godin Cinema, Waheed Murad Road, Closed
Gulistan Cinema, Landhi, Open
Gulshan Cinema, Malir, Closed
Gulzar Cinema, Malir, Closed
Hollywood Cinema, Bahadrabad, Closed
Irm Cinema, Liaquatabad , Closed
Jubilee Cinema, Waheed Murad Road, Closed
Khayyam Cinema, Nursery, Closed
King Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Closed
Kiran Cinema, Manghopir, Open
Kismet Cinema (See Qismet) Mission Road. Now closed.
Koh-e-Noor Cinema, Waheed Murad Road, Closed
Kumar Cinema, Napier Road, Open
Lalazar Cinema, Qaidabad, Open
Liberty Cinema, Nazimabad, Closed
Light House Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Closed
Luxery Cinema, Shara-e-Faisal, Closed
Lyric Cinema, Garden Road, Closed
Lyric 2 Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Closed
Mayfair Cinema, Saddar, Closed
Majestic Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Closed
Marri Drive-In. Closed
Masood Cinema, Korangi, Closed
Mehar Cinema, Landhi, Closed
Mehfil Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Closed
Mehtab Cinema, Landhi, Open
Metro Cinema, Orangi, Open
Mizrab Cinema, Liaquatabad , Closed
Murree Drive Inn Cinema, Rashid Minhas Road, Closed
Musarrat Cinema, Nazimabad, Open
Nafees Cinema, Malir, Closed
Nageena Cinema, Kiamari, Closed
Nargis Cinema, Qaidabad, Open
Naseem Cinema, Korangi, Open
Nasheman Cinema, Waheed Murad Road, Open
Nasreen Cinema, Korangi, Open
Nayab Cinema, Nazimabad, Closed
Naz Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Closed
Nering Cinema, Liaquatabad , Closed
Nigar Cinema, Juna Market, Open
Nishat Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Open
Noor Mehal Cinema, Napier Road, Closed
Novelty Cinema, Teen Hatti, Closed
Odeon Cinema, Saddar, Closed
Opera Cinema, Federal B. Area, Closed
P.A.F. Cinema, Drigh Road, Closed
P.N.S. Bahadur Cinema, ?, Closed
P.N.S. Dakiar Cinema, ?, Closed
P.N.S. Dilawar Cinema, ?, Closed
P.N.S. Hamaliya Cinema, ?, Closed
P.N.S. Karsaz Cinema, ?, Closed
P.N.S. Shafa Cinema, ?, Closed
Palace Cinema, Saddar, Closed
Paradise Cinema, Saddar, Closed
Piccadilly Cinema, Malir Cantt, Closed
Picture House Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Closed
Plaza Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Closed
Prince Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Open
Princess Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Closed
Qaisar Cinema, Waheed Murad Road, Closed
Qismet Talkies; Used to be Empire CInema. Mission Road near Urdu College.
Queen Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Closed
Raj Mehal Cinema, Sher Shah, Open
Rang Mehal Cinema, Sher Shah, Open
Reagle Cinema, Saddar, Closed
Regent Cinema, Nazimabad, Closed
Relex Cinema, Nazimabad, Closed
Renu Cinema, Garden Road, Open again in 2008
Reu Cinema, Saddar, Closed
Rex Cinema, Saddar, Closed
Ritz Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Closed
Rivoli Cinema, Waheed Murad Road, Closed
Roxy Cinema, Napier Road, Open
Rubi Cinema, Saeedabad, Closed
Saba Cinema, New Karachi, Open
Sanam Cinema, Malir, Closed
Sangam Cinema, Drigh Road, Open
Sangeet Cinema, Korangi, Closed
Scala Cinema, Garden Road, Closed
Shabana Cinema, Malir, Closed
Shabnam Cinema, Drigh Road, Open
Shalimar Cinema, Nazimabad, Closed
Shama Cinema, Drigh Road, Closed
Sheesh Mehal Cinema, Landhi, Open
Shehzad Cinema, Korangi, Open
Shirin Cinema, Korangi, Closed
Shirin Cinema, New Karachi, Open
Society Cinema, Lasbela, Closed
Star Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Closed
Super Cinema, Napier Road, Closed
Taj Mehal Cinema, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Road, Closed
Tasvir Mehal Cinema, Korangi, Open
Venus Cinema, Liaquatabad , Open
Zeenat Cinema, Korangi, Open
Michael Ali This cinema was formerly known as the Krishna cinema and the Naz cinema opposite was called the Radha in pre-partition days. Both were named after the children of the owner who migrated to India

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11 Responses to List of Cinemas in Karachi

  1. Imtiaz A. Naranja says:

    Great, you forget Gulgisht Cinema Korangi

  2. Naveed Khan says:

    Wao wht a information for my golden days memories, very difficult to rturn back. Thanks a lot.

  3. Meir Chaims says:

    I was born in Karachi in November 1943, moved to Hyderabad Sind, Returned to Karachi in 1960 till 1965. My happiest part of my life, with the fondest of memories.
    Loved this post, but you seemed to omit the GODEON cinema.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. Amin H. Karim MD says:

    Its misspelled “Godin’ I will correct it. Thanks

    • shabbir ahmed says:

      sir Please add in the list Mala cinema(malir)Odeon Cinema (maripur) Sangeet cinema(malir City )darbar cinema (steel town)Paf cinema(malir cant Paf base)Lala Cinema(Paf Base Faisal)Shahzad Cinema(Qasba colony)

  5. Imran says:

    Firdaus cinema is mentioned but, Nerang is missing

  6. Shabbir Ahmed says:

    sir please add Star cinema adjacent to Bambino and Scala opened in 1980 with Nadeem,s movie Prince nowadays a huge mobile mall

  7. Doni Siddiqui says:

    ”Wow!! I really missed my some good old memories . There is always a special place in our hearts where we keep our beautiful, little memories of good old days. Pls take me back old days again!!! Lol..

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