Pakistan TV Most Loved Drama Series 1970s



Most loved drama series of early 70’s:

“Aik Muhabbat Sau Afsane”



I am a witness to a very large communities in Karachi going absolutely engrossed in each of the 13 episodes of AMSA which had in AIK MUHABBAT SAU AFSANE (One love and tales too many)
When Ashfaq Ahmed conceived the idea of the grandest and most popular series “AIK MUHABBAT SAU AFSANE” sometimes in 1972-73, from PTV-Lahore ——-not many may have known that most of the total of the 13 episodes of the most popular series “AMSA” were chosen from his collection of short and long stories titled “AIK MUHABBAT SAU DRAMAY” being afsane on a very close look into the true values, woes, tales of our high and middle class society, literature, the country with a large component of entertainment and perhaps perhaps even Ashfaq Ahmed himself may not have thought that AMSA would be the most successful series of those “13” episodes selected from his collection “AMSD”…..each with a different story under the title——-and that it would be honoured as one of the legend of the PTV of 70’s which would also be be reincarnated in colour decades later by Ghazanfar Ali of IndusVision…one of the prominent producer at PTV during that era (also the Producer who started “Waris” from PTV-L).
Both; Ashfaq Ahmed and his amazing grace Bano Qudsia, also didn’t know that their very close friend Jamiluddin Aali’s (Bano Qudsia being his moo boli behan) son, would one day, go to every nook and corner to find out all the names of those “13” episodes that he himself did two with a minor and major roles during his frequent visits to Lahore that he was a scot free young man then and strongly believed in not being mean and concerned to himself but in creating memories to share with the forthcoming world if Almighty would provide him opportunities to do so.Therefore, ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, I would like to record here for history sake that “AIK MUHABBAT SAU AFSANE” had 13 episodes in series of which the most popular was “Qurat’ulain” which had the beautiful, simple and most apt for the title role, new find, Naveen Tajik….and it seems that like Shahnaz Shaikh, she too didn’t do many plays on PTV yet PTV’s golden yesteryears still have her name in a few top noted ones for obvious reasons. Naveen, it is said, is Masha’Allah, happily settled probably in States and probably a grand mom now. Not many would know that Naveen’s role in the coloured “Qurat’ulain” of Ghazanfar, was done by Arjumand Rahim we address as Shuggu also.
“Aik Muhabbat Sau Afsane” has left such a huge impact on the TV Industry of Pakistan for its perfection in script, direction, casting, the artiste and the simplicity of sets with mesmerising background music at some points. It was the dreamy series..the series presenting each and every play which left a very lasting impression due to the depth of story and environment.Giant Producers and equally giant cast a booty of artiste, all justified their existence in this most remembered drama series of PTV from Lahore and I urge upon the PTV Management to re telecast the series with huge pomp and show to relive the grandeur of the drama and in Pakistan born in PTV—-well fed, bred and nurtured but only to boot it out of its premises so ruthlessly… I should say!
The collection of Ashfaq Ahmed’s “Aik Muhabbat Sau Dramay” (1969-70): > 1. Qurat’ulain > 2. Ijtebye Nazar > 3. Dada Aur Dildada> 4. Maakoos Rabtay> 5. Maraat-e-Muhabbat> 6. Aghosh-e-Vida> 7. Daastan-e-Habib> 8. Daz-e-Kowl> 9. Sanam Gazeeda> 10. Deeda-e-Purkhoon> 11. Shana-e-Saba> 12. Sanam Goth Jo Driver> 13. Afsoon Khuwab> 14. Chaangarh> 15. Ghareeb-e-Shehar> 16. Mahe Kunan> 17. Himmat Batil> 18. Ajar-e-Aswad> 19. Zood-e-Pashieman> 20. Madane Muhabbat.> 21. Nird-e-Baan-e-Irfan> 22. Labaik Labaik.
And…..the name of the sub titled plays under the series “AMSA” based on AMSD:
1. Qurat’ulain
2. Ijtebye Nazar
3. Dada Aur Dildada
4. Maakoos Rabtay
5. Maraat-e-Muhabbat
6. Aghosh-e-Vida
7. Daastan-e-Habib
8. Sanam Gazeeda
9. Deeda-e-Purkhoon
10. Shana-e-Saba
11. Afsoon Khuwab
12. Ghareeb-e-Shehar
13. Mahe Kunan.

I have the honor due to privilege of having known Ashfaq Chacha closely like a family member, to have been in the cast of plays number: 3 and 6.

Raju Jamil, Karachi.

About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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  1. Kamran Choudhri says:

    As Salam O Alikum, Kindly share the names of yiung boy in quratulain original drama,

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