The LightHouse Cinema Karachi.

By Dr. Sohail Ansari

Following the arrival of the British, growth in Karachi was regulated as new developments arose. Old parts of the town were Kharadar and Mithadar. Wadhumal quarter, named after a sahukar, was one of the new developments and was well planned for its time. It was populated by rich Hindu merchants and considered modern. At its edge developed the first formal theatre of Karachi, the Parsi Theatre. I am not sure exactly when it was set up but it was one of the four theatres in the city in 1921. The last drama to be staged there was in 1928. The following year it turned into Globe Cinema. It was in 1946 that its name changed to Lighthouse Cinema. The cinema belonged to Memon family of whom Farooq Memon was a doctor qualified from Dow Medical College. His brother Sharfuddin Memon (nicknamed “Bobby”), who qualified as an engineer, owned a construction company.In our youth Lighthouse was famous for Lunda Bazaar on the next street.As you know, the cinema doesn’t exist anymore.

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