Origin of Name Karachi: One view

From where Name of Karachi originated?

By Nadeem Baqai 

Map of Asia in 100 BC, Karachi was then Kaccha.

The History of Karachi – earliest account of the area where Karachi is located can be found in the record books of one of Alexander-the-Great’s admirals, who sailed back home from the Greek expedition to India, from a harbor by the Indus delta, known as Krokola.
According to widely held belief though, the city of Karachi started its life as a small fishing settlement by the Indus Delta known as Kolachi-jo-Kun (the ditch of Kolachi), named after an old fisherwoman, Mai Kolachee who took up settlement here.

According to some and looking at old building can see today’s Karachi as kalanchi(کلانچی). Some refer it to Khara-Chi, Salted dirt because of fishing village.

Looking at 100BC Map Karachi was named as Kaccha.

Before 100 BC it was
Port city of Banbhore was established before Christian era which served as an important trade hub in the region, the port was recorded by various names by the Greeks such as Krokola, Morontobara port, and Barbarikon, a sea port of the Indo-Greek Bactrian kingdom and Ramya according to some Greek texts. The Arabs knew it as the port of Debal, from where Muhammad bin Qasim led his conquering force into Sindh (the western corner of South Asia) in AD 712.

Lahari Bandar or Lari Bandar succeeded Debal as a major port of the Indus it was located close to Banbhore, in modern Karachi. The first modern port city near Manora island was established during British colonial Raj in the late 19th century.

looking at various name attrbuted and different reasons given it seems oldest name I could find that Karachi could have taken it’s current name is from Kaccha.


No photo description available.
(Editors comment: Kucca may refer to Rann of Kutch since it is shown
east of River Indus.)

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