Mohsin Shirazi

By Raju Jamil 

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Raju Jamil

Rest In Peace At Heaven Abode Dear Mohsin…

IMPORTANT;;;;;;;; Please note that this article was written in Oct 2014 a month before the spiceless and dry Golden Jubilee of PTV)

“Sach Khedoun Aie Barhamin…

“Gar Tu Bura Na Maanay”

Tere Sanam Kadoun Ke Butth Ho Gaye Puranay”

This famous verse of Allama Iqbal had a whole meaning that one of its line was adopted by PTV-Karachi’s GM Aslam Azhar to create a comedy show—the Frost Report of David Frost kind—-in 1969 as “Gar Tu Bura Na Maanay” which had Mohsin Shirazi as it’s “David Frost” supported by a stock cast of four; Zafar Masood, Mohammad Yusuf, Zahoor Ahmed and Shahnaz Ghani (of “BAMBI” child wear outlet Karachi..since 60’s).

“GAR TU BURA MAANAY” (GTBNM) was hilarious and a parody of many of our customs held during marriages. It was mostly a satire well presented in a formidable style with boxed laughters and sometimes generating a roar of laughter from the viewers of the only network in Pakistan then.

The best part was the typical mannerism adopted and acted out in minglish urdu with command and complete mastery that to get the nod of “ok” from a giant like Aslam Azhar was like getting an OSCAR those wonder years.

Mohsin Shirazi a Persian with an impeccable sense of humour was a bonus voucher to this 26 minutes weekly sitcom many would keenly wait for in those few hours transmission of PTV with Mondays off air.

The way Mohsin Shirazi would speak out before the comedy chunk on different subjects—-itself was a huge entertainment. There was no big deal on Mohsin as anchor talking to viewers saying ” Aaa ye larka…larki se shaadi tou karr raha hai…maggar.ummm duno jald hee….baat cheet kaise kareinge” and we see Zafar Masood and Shahnaz Ghani bit rolling on our sofa watching the skit.

The ongoing golden jubilee year of television in Pakistan…essentially PTV….has many a tales to talk about and remember–from each of it’s several centres which all–produced some most remembered dramas, talk shows and events which remain as infectious as ever. When the private networks will celebrate their golden jubilee—if they reach that point—all people will remember will be advertisements and political battles with no results they were subjected with …every day but never never on Sunday:)

GTBNM…. ran for several weeks and took a break when Aslam Azhar, the Wizard of PTV left for Islamabad on a higher assignment..later becoming the only and ever MD of PTV and later Chairman of PTV and Radio Pakistan. No one has held such combined assignment at Ministry of in Pakistan. Hail Aslam Azhar! He should be awarded NISHAN e Imtiaz on 26th November, 2014 when (or if) the Ministry of Information finds time to celebrate such an important event of this wonderful Nation Pakistan. I am certain to have a million “aye’s” on my recommendation above for Aslam Sahab.

GTBNM…..made a come back in 1970-71 with the same name and this time Neelofer Alim Abbasi, Zeenat Yasmine, Qazi Wajid, Shakeel Chughtai, Khurshid Talat and myself were stock artiste and after a few weeks—my friend the producer Ishrat Ansari told us or rather gave us a surprise that the name of GTBNM has been changed to “Sach Jama Jhoot Battaa Dou” (Truth+Lies/2) which was presented before a live audience at the open air stage of Hotel Metropole. The excitement of East and West separation had gripped the Nation and in order to suitably stage a media war against our neighbours…this stage show turned into a satirical one focusing on our enemy….and indeed it was a success that the live audience was jam packed and the regular telecast was keenly awaited.


GTBNM….from PTV-Karachi will always remain in the minds and memories of those who saw that beauty of the sitcom majorly due to an outstanding anchoring or MOC Mohsin Shirazi and such sitcom can never ever be produced again…..unless it’s sponsored which is one good thing to mess up something great of the last without risk–:)

Thank you Aslam Azhar Sahab, Mohsin Shirazi (where is he? How is he? I am trying to trace him) and so fondly the late members of the stock cast; Zafar Masood, Zahoor Ahmed, Mohammad Yusuf well remembered. RIP all of them.

The then viewers who are around these days do thank you for giving them an entertainment worth every second of watching it.

PTV has carved its name so strongly that it needs to continue with its great deeds well mixed with the achievements of past and the new dawn of current era.

Sach Khedoun Aie Barhamin…
“Gar Tu Bura Na Maanay”
Tere Sanam Kadoun Ke Butth Ho Gaye Puranay.

Raju Jamil,
PTV Drama Debut 2nd Dec-1967

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