The Telegram

Anjum Khan



Long time ago if some of you remember there was a system of sending “URGENT”messages in Pakistan called “ THE TELEGRAM”
It was the only service that didn’t take days to reach its destination,infact it was usually got delivered the same
It was only used for important urgent messages , people would get nervous when the Dakia knocking on the door announced “ APKI TAAR AAI HAI “ with a smile cause he would be waiting for his BAKSHISH as he didn’t care two hoots for what ever is in the messege…And yes it was called TAAR in urdu I guess cause it was sent through wires ( actualy I think it was wireless ) It was also considered pretty expensive at that time,it costed the sender as a per word charge that’s why people had it typed strictly upto the point.
Let me give you an example 😊
Usually boys studying in VILAYAT( London ) Who became way “too busy in perdes”were sent this kind messages by their concerned parents,
As soon as the poor panicked lad rushed home from the Airport ..
“ DARWASEY PER GHORA AUR BARAAT TIYAR MILTI THI USKO ..😄 the band bajay walas would immediately start their music on que as soon as someone would announce
much to the surprise of the shocked Bhaya ,later on he learnt his mother was fine it was just a scam to bring him back home. ASAP.😅
Since TELEGRAM was typed on a machine in the post office and it got sent from there through wireless connection so we can say it could rightfully be called as the MOTHER of
I have heard TELEGRAM SYSTEM is still being used in many countries as the means of sending urgent messages around the world ( and I wonder why) but in Pakistan it was stopped years and yeas ago.
I hope my this post made some of you rewind your time further then usual all the way. in the era when TELEGRAM SERVICE was available in Pakistan ☺️
Do Share with us your thoughts about those days.

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