Trams of Karachi

By Menin Rodrigues


The idea of a tramway system for Karachi was conceived and a tender for its construction was first made in 1881. On February 8, 1883 a plan for a tramway was drawn up and permission obtained from the government for the use of steam-powered trams. In October 1884 construction was started. John Brunton was the Chief Engineer of the project. The tramway was opened on April 20, 1885 employing steam-powered cars. The opening ceremony took place near St Andrew’s Church (Abdullah Haroon Road and Sharah-e-Liaquat).

1885 - Tram1930 - Double Tram1932 - Double Tram1937 Tram on Bunder Road1940 - Tram1940 - Tram on Bunder Road 21950 - Tram1950 - Tram to Cantt1950 - Tram turning point Saddar1950 - Trams on Preedy Street1950 - Trams on Preedy Street1952 - Tram in Saddar1952 - Tram on Bunder Road 31955 - Tram1958 - Tram1960 - Qamar House - Trams1960 - St. Xavier's Institute, Preedy Street



About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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