Bonjour 1993


(Click on the link to open the magazine in .pdf format)

BONJOUR: This is a magazine published by the Pearl Continental Hotels Pakistan in 1993. It has some interesting articles on Karachi including one on Karachi Art Galleries and one on Abshaar, the Karachi Dhobi Ghat with nice photos and old ads.  AHK. Aug 18 2018;  Of note is the fact that MENIN RODRIGUES  founded BONJOUR in 1989 as the Corporate Manager for the Group; the GM at Karachi PC was Wasim Mirza, and the magazine was inaugurated by Hameed Haroon of the DAWN Group in the presence of Sadruddin Hashwani, Chairman of Hashoo Group. Incidentally, he also founded “SEJOUR” the in-house magazine of Karachi Sheraton Hotel in 1985, and “The AVARI” in-house magazine in 1991.


About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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