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The Karachiwala Website: 

Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in*. Karachi fits the bill for many.

Vibrant and Colourful. Karachi is the darling of poor and rich alike. Unpredictable and Violent. Karachi is the nightmare for poor and rich alike.

Home to the most diverse of populations. Muslims, Parsis, Jews, Christians, British, Shia, Sunni, Balochi, Sindhi, Pakhtun, Kashmiri and others. Many of them like Karachi. Many of them hate Karachi. Karachi, like a gracious mother, has embraced them all. It has given them freedom to be themselves. Some dream during the day. Some work during the night. Some quote Shah-jo-Risalo. Some sing Bulley Shah. Some read Jane Austen. Some recite Faiz Ahmed. Some find comfort in extreme interpretations. Some walk barefoot in its shrines. Some destroy sanctity of its shrines. Some try to make it proud. Some try to slaughter this goose to steal all its golden eggs. All at once.

The diversity makes Karachi beautiful. The diversity makes Karachi painful.

Long live Karachi.

The Karachi Walla in news:

Karachi uncovered: website reveals city’s hidden architectural gems

Farooq Soomro, the Karachi Walla




I Sure Want My Old Karachi Back 



This group was founded by Mr. Danny Dhalla and is currently administered by
him and Dr. Sohail Ansari.

Folks please feel free to take a walk down memory lane & enrich our memories with the vista of Karachi as you remember it which may have faded from our memories, pictures, videos, snippets, facts & figures are welcome. Keep the spirit of our Karachi burning forever the way it used to be.
As of August 2018 this group had 11,000 plus members.


Old Karachi Group 

About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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