The “Razz Ma Tazz” Karachi of the 70’s



Raju Jamil


The “Razz Ma Tazz” Karachi of 70’s…. With Mrs. Nusrat Bhutto seen with other in crowd with initials “RK” is none the other but the most popular and jazzy TV ads model Rakhshinda Khattak who also appeared in a failed yet popular due to her and the Irani Director/Actor and hero of his own movie “JANE BOND 008 OPERATION KARACHI” in 1970. He became my friend through my Iranian schoolmate who too acted in that movie. I was offered a role too but since I had vowed not to do a negative role ever—I ploitely refused the Iranian Director Reza Faazli. But I helped him in acquiring permission in hotels etc to shoot some scenes. I got him my friend Mubashir Sajjad’s Chevy Belair ’57 for a song “IK URRAN KHATOLA AYEGA…” filmed from Intercon (PC) to Airport with Reza happily singing about Rakhshinda coming to his city.
Reza and me remained in touch via letters for 15 years till he migrated to USA where he died aged 78 a few years back–as per info of a Persian Restaurant owner I met in LA last year.
Rakhshinda remained a crazy for us teens who would worship the ground she walked upon. Her long leather Nancy Sinatra style boots with skirts raised eye brows.
I heard Rakhshinda died three years ago in USA.
Karachi has seen many lights, delights and nights that could only be dreamed now.

About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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