The Arts Council of Pakistan

Raju Jamil


The Arts Council Of Pakistan in Karachi of sixties and the glory of one of the greatest painter and calligraphic magician in the world….. SADEQUAIN:

Exposition of calligraphies (December 6, 1968 – January 6, 1969) by Sadequain in innovative forms he called Khatt-e-Sadequain executed during the month of November (Ramzan 1388 AH).

This exhibition was first of its kind in Pakistan which transformed the vocational skill of calligraphy to an art form and elevated the stature of a KHATTAT to an ARTIST.
Then in a short period of time, Sadequain turned the calligraphic world upside-down and unleashed a calligraphic revolution in the country that created a wave of aspiring calligraphers, provided them identity, and now they are engaged in new experiments and thus redefining the centuries-old art form.
Sadequain’s calligraphies represented the most radical departure from the established norms which had been in place for hundreds of years. The centuries-old guarded traditions, watchful eyes of the religious police, or pitfalls of the uncharted waters did not deter him from going where not many had ventured before him.


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