P.N.S. Karsaz Karachi

By Dr. Adnan Zuberi 

Karsaz is a famous neighborhood of Karachi. This is one of the oldest Cantonment of British Army. In 1920s RAF developed an Airstrip here and their ammunition depot. Colonel T E Lawrence ( Lawrence of Arabia) was stationed here from 1918 to 1923. In 1950s Pakistan Navy also established a workshop and Naval Base here with the name of PNS Karsaz. This name was after the battleship of PNS Karsaz previously commissioned as HIMS Hindustan. After creation of Pakistan this warship was handed over to Pakistan Navy. PNS Karsaz finally scrapped in Gadiani, Balochistan near Karachi. This scrap yard is one of the biggest in the world.

King Edward VIII born in 1894 and was great grandson of Queen Victoria and son of King GeorgeV. He completed his Midshipman training of Royal Navy at PNS Karsaz as Duke of Windsor.
After the death of his father King George V, he became the king of GB and Emperor of India. His period of reign was just over the 10 months. There’s an interesting story behind this short period of his rule on GB and India.
In fact he was deeply in love with an American woman, Mrs Wallis Simpson. Mrs Simpson was already a divorcee from her husband and was seeking another divorce . The British establishment was not happy at all with this relationship. Prime Minister Baldwin informed him it is morally unacceptable for church of England, for a lady who is divorced twice become queen consort of GB. Edward suggested that she will not carry the title of Queen consort and any children  they might have would not inherit the throne. Sir Winston Churchill then a senior politician supported in principle. But after long discussion and arguments eventually King Edward VIII decided to abdicate himself and prefer to stay as a commoner in France with his lover after marriage.
ایک شہنشاہ نے ٹھکرا کر تخت و تاج
کس شان سے رکھا محبت کا بھرم
“اے محبت زندہ باد “
 After  abdication his younger brother George VI became the king of GB and Emperor of India. George VI was the father of Queen Elizabeth II.
Duke of Windsor died in May 1972 in France and buried in Windsor, UK

About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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