by Amin H. Karim MD, Class of 1977.
October 16 2022

A friendly cricket march was played between the faculty and students of Dow Medical College in the early 1970’s at Karachi Gymkhana.  The umpire was late Prof. Shakir Ali Jafry of Department of Biochemistry.  It has been more than half century since the above cricket event took place in Karachi. (pun intended!) Many in the photo have passed away. Here is a synopsis of the players as of October 2022. STARTING FROM THE LEFT SITTING: 
DR. GHAZANFAR:   Was a demonstrator in the Department of Medical Jurisprudence or Preventive Medicine.  He has passed away.
DR. FAKHAR AL KHAIRI  passed away; He graduated in 1976; He was the Gymkhana Secretary in DMCSU in 1970’s and once organised  a sports day trip to Liaquat Medical College Jamshoro. In 1977-78 he was the RMO in Surgical Unit IV with Prof. Irshad Waheed. He went to Belgium in 1979-80 for his Plastic Surgery training and returned to Pakistan to practice at Taj Medical Complex. In 2010/11 he passed away playing cricket a the Karachi Gymkhana, ironically the same ground as he picture above 35 years before he died.
DR. SHAISTA DR. TAJ TABUSSUM:  Family Practitioner who has lived in Saudi Arabia, UK and now in Toronto, Canada.
PROF. RANA QAMAR MASOOD: Practiced Internal Medicine at Civil Hospital. She is married to Prof. Masood Hameed who was the Vice Chancellor of Dow University of Medical Sciences and both Dr. Rana and him were instrumental in establishing the Dow University Ojha Campus. 
DR. ZAHIDA DR. QAZI WASIQ is an ophthalmologist practicing in Karachi 
DR. TARIQ ZAHOOR AALAM: passed away. He worked as a Medical Officer in he Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and was related to General Aslam Baig (Information from Dr. Syed Zafarullah)
DR. ANJUM FAZAL is a Dow 1977 grad. He practices General Surgery in Karachi
DR. OWAIS SHAFQAT is a Dow 1977 grad. He was the Captain of Dow Cricket team. He practiced Orthopedics in UK and is now retired and lives in London. He was Gymkhana Secretary in 1975.
Dr. M. TASEER MUJTABA practices Surgery in Ghana.
DR. ABDUS SAMAD CHENGAIZI practiced General Medicine in Quetta and passed away in 2020.
DR. MUSHTAQ AHMED lives in Karachi
DR. HAROON KHAN, (Dow 1976) ENT Consultant UK and Chairman of IMRA Charity Foundation. He and his team serve Pakistan by implanting free cochlear implants in children born deaf mute.
PROF TAJ SOOMRO was an Ophthalmologist.
PROF. OMAR KHAN was the Head of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology as well as Police Surgeon of Karachi
PROF. ABDUL WAHID passed away. He was a Professor of Anatomy and Principal of Dow Medical College.  Prof. Wahid was the Principal from September 30, 1969 to July 14, 1978 (9 years). He took over from late Prof. Mahmud Ali Shah of Ophthalmology and was followed after his retirement by late Prof. Zubaida Aziz of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  His son, Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Abdul Wahid ,  a 1978 Dowite, was a surgeon in Saudi Arabia and now is retired in Houston,  Texas. in Saudi Arab
PROF. SABIH HAIDER ZAIDI was head of ENT when Prof. Jalisi retired. Currently in UK
ABDUL WAHID KATPAR passed away on September 14 2012 at age 87.  He was the Provincial Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister.
PROF MUSHTAQ HASAN passed away. He was Chief of Medicine and Head of Medical Ward I.
DR. AZFAR HUSSAIN graduated Class of 1977 is a Psychologist in Karachi. DR. KHALID KHALIL is a cardiologist in Karachi.
PROF. JALISI was an Orolaryngologist. He currently lives in USA.
DR. SHUJA HAQDR. FAROOQUI was in the Department of Medical Jurisprudence and Toxicology
PROF. NASEER SHAIKH was a General Surgeon and Director General Health. He was personal physician to Z.A. Bhutto and wrote a book “Precious Memories: Association with Bhuttos”  He passed away in 2019.  DR. MUGHISUDDIN AHMED practiced Pathology in Saudi Arabia and passed away in Karachi in 2022
SHAKIR JAFRY passed away at a young age. He was Head of Biochemistry Department.

If you have any other information on the people above from personal aquintance or relationship please fill us in. Photo tags and information courtesy of Drs. Shahid Kamal, Najmus Saqib, Owais Shafqat, Anjum Fazal, Sabiha Haq, Prof, Wasim Jafri , Tariq Aslam, Shaista Effendi, Zafarullah Syed, TJ Alam, Taj Tabussum et al. 
Amin H. Karim MD Class of 1977.

About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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