Plane Crash 1949

By Dr. Sohail Ansari

As published in the DAWN today:ON Dec 12, 1949, a DC-3C Dakota of Pak Air Services flying from Lahore to Karachi crashed at Karo Jabal near Jungshahi. All 26 on board perished. Among them was Maj-Gen Muhammad Iftikhar Khan, who was a strong contender for the appointment of the first Pakistani Commander-in-Chief, pegged to succeed Gen Douglas Gracey. Another on board the plane was Brig Sher Khan, Director of Military Operations.Their funeral prayers were held on the grounds of the Frere Hall in Karachi, and the burial was at the Armed Forces Cemetery. There were speculations at the time that the path was cleared for one of the other officers.Regardless of the merit of the speculations, what did happen was that Ayub Khan took over. Was the air crash an act of sabotage? Did that change the course of history? It certainly led to a ban on the airline, following a series of air accidents; four of them. The probable cause was said to be the pilot’s error in terms of navigation and not following the standard procedures

.Dr Sohail AnsariEssex, United Kingdom

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3 Responses to Plane Crash 1949

  1. Rayhan Ahmed says:

    I have never heard of pak air services who
    Were they ? PIA was not formed yet as
    Far as I know because orient airways
    Was doing a merger with them . As far
    As pilot error is concerned we don’t know
    Because I am not a pilot … look general
    Zia ul haq they say was assinated but is
    This true because the co pilot was a Shia
    Muslim this could be a factor for the crash
    Again this is false thirdly the crash has
    Been investigated by the US Air Force that
    It was mechanical failure which caused
    Zia’s hercules to crash and investigation
    Also mentioned the Pakistan airforce
    Hercules pilot flew to low and could be
    Another factor .
    This pak air services crash is a copy
    Cat disaster as to general Zia ul haq’s
    Aircraft .
    We do not know exactly wants happened
    Only Allah knows the true factors of
    Crash and our imam of the time ( imam
    Mahdi (as)

  2. Amin H. Karim MD says:

    Please look at the dates. This is q 1949 incident, not a recent one. Regards

    • Rayhan Ahmed says:

      Yes I am aware of that sir .. my
      Comment is comparing the 1988 death
      Zia ul haq and general Khan in 1949.
      Both aircraft was either sabotage or
      Mechanical failure or pilot error in the
      Case of PAF pilots on herclues had
      The tendency of flying to low in the
      Investigation by the US Air Force .
      In the case of general iftarar death it
      Could related to pilot error .

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