In Search of GEMS

By Menin Rodrigues

Terence Andrade deserved a place in the national hockey team.

Terry Andrade who now lives in California is a fine example of the caliber of former Karachi sportsmen who excelled through their lives, given their nurturing, education, and sporting prowess. Throughout his twelve years at St. Patrick’s High School & College, Karachi, from 1956 to 1968, he was an outstanding student, securing first or second positions and then graduating in Electrical Engineering from the NED College/University in 1973.

The school gave ample opportunities for all students to shine, and Terry was no exception. He took part enthusiastically in the annual track & field meets, winning several races as a toddler, junior and senior athlete. In field-hockey, Terry was among the best players in Karachi representing the school (1965-66), college (1967-68), university (1969-72) and provincial teams. He was also a Patrol Leader in the scouts’ troop, enjoying his camping days in the wilderness of the northern areas of Pakistan where he says, “I learnt my first lessons to lead, excel and ‘be prepared’ for all sorts of eventualities and opportunities in life.”

Hockey was his forte, as soon as he joined the NED College (now a university) he was selected to represent the team, which he later led to win several college/university championships. Another outstanding hockey player in the NED squad was Wilfred Castellino who was a brilliant right half-back. In 1971, Terry was selected for the Karachi University Degree Colleges Team for the All-Pakistan Inter-University Hockey Championships. Provincial selectors kept a close watch on Terry’s goal-scoring skills which led him to play for the Karachi Port Trust (KPT), one of the top national teams at that time.

He played and scored goals for KPT against teams like PIA, Pakistan Customs, Habib Bank, Karachi Police who all had many Olympians and national players in their line-up. Several of his contemporaries, such as Islahuddin Siddiqui, former Pakistan captain would agree that Terry was one of best left wingers and deserved a call for national duty which regrettably eluded him. He continued to play for KPT in the national championships before leaving for the USA in 1974 for further studies.

Another hockey ace, Victor D’Lima was the goalkeeper for KPT and according to Terry and his teammates, “Victor was among the top goalies in Pakistan during the period 1969-74 and could have walked into any national team!”

After completing his MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering from the Oregon State University and upon receiving job offers from Silicon Valley companies in California such as AMD, Intel, and National Semiconductor; he decided to join AMD in 1979. Terry worked in Product and Test Engineering for four years and later managed the Test Operations, Production & Engineering teams worldwide in Asia & Europe.  He was also a Key Team Member for AMD’s 8 Generations of Microprocessor Products (the 80186 to the Opteron) as well as the 29000 Processor Family, ramping up the Hi Volume Production Operations Worldwide for ATE Testing.

The sports enthusiast that he was, since coming to the Bay Area in California, he continued to play for the Northern California (NorCal) Field Hockey Team based at the University of California, Berkeley from 1979 onwards. They played against many Division 1 Teams from other countries like Canada, Mexico, Germany, England, Australia. and India. He continued to play hockey before retiring in 1990.

Terry Andrade, the Patrician from Karachi, retired from AMD in 2007, but took up work at a Startup Company and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) for brief stints and then joined KLA Tencor in 2011 to 2016 before finally retiring from the Hi-Tech field. Since retirement he has been active in Social Work with Seniors and the American Red Cross in Silicon Valley where he has lived for the past 42 years. Terry is married to Deanna and has three children, Tamara, Sophia, and Marisa, and two adorable grandchildren Sadie Rose and Joel Junior. Terry is the son of Willam B. Andrade (who at 107 years of age is the oldest member of the community), the Late Zena Andrade (teacher at St. Joseph’s Convent School) and the eldest of his siblings, Clarence, Lawrence, Christopher, Jennifer, Nilofer and Zenwill. They are all settled a

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