KPI Cricket Team 1973-74

By Menin Rodrigues

May be an image of 16 people, people standing and text that says 'Photo Courtesy: Kaiser Lashkari (FB Page: Kids of Parsi Colonies (KHI & Global) KPI 1973- 74 Standing (L to R): Jehangir Mobed, Cyrus Mavalwalla, Homi Ghadially, arosh Collector, Viraf Daroga, Dinyar Irani, Rumi Sidhwa, Pesi Andhiarujina, Noshir Mody, Cowsee Cooper, Sitting: Minoo Mehta, MR-2021 Homi Mobed, Roy Minwalla, Jamshed Gati and Sohrab Sidhwa'

The Karachi Parsi Institute (KPI) Cricket Team 1973-74. Photo courtesy: Kaiser Lashkari, Captions: Aspy Canteenwalla and Sam Mehta. Source: FB Group – KIDS of Parsi Colonies (Karachi & Global). Photo Credit: Pervez Bharucha

  • Kanty Kothary I found this picture of early 1960 when my late brother Bachubhai Kithary memorial cup match was held between Pakistan Hindu Cricket team KPI Parsi team. Memorial Cup went winning team KPI and it was kept at KPI. I don’t know if it is still there. Some KPI player are same as they are in your picture. Many are abroad all over the world and some are no more. Just sharing my picture so we can visit those days and nice lunch served by KPI I was in my teens👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
May be an image of 20 people and people standing

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