Where I Shopped in Karachi….

By Dr. Yasmeen Kazi 

Where did your families do their shopping in the Fifties? My family bought groceries at Noorani Store and my Khala’s family from Regal Provision Store. My school textbooks were bought from Iqbal Kitab Ghar and stationary from Afzal Book Depot. I got my comics from Paramount Book Stall and my sisters got their subscription magazines, Woman’s Own, My Home and Woman and Home. I also got Tell A Tale Books, Tiny Tales, Humpty Dumpty and Children’s Digest from Iqbal Kitab Ghar. My occasional big toys were from Regal Toyland and small plastic dolls, plastic toys from Bohri Bazar and the balloon man vending in the street. My candy was from a shop in Bohri Bazar known as Shop Number Two. My shoes were from Beauty or Fitrite.

    • Arup Chowdhury We did our grocery shopping from Zeba Store in Narayanganj in the 60s, books were bought from school who imported most of them from UK….stationery from Rajendra store…comics toys etc from New Market Dhaka…candy ice cream and other goodies from ZeSee More
  • Salma Anwar Wow such amazing and precise memory..I got my shoes mostely from fitright , Montana and English boot house all on elfee..clothes if ready made from Riyadh children’s ready made in the lanes connecting elfee.books and comics from title bits book stall
  • Sarah Ansar Kheiri I remember going to Bohri Bazar with parents for Eid shopping. My mom and khala used to buy shoes mostly from Fitrite. Our school uniforms from Rasheed son’s shop in Bohri Bazar. For any weddings in the family Mehboob Cloth and Jama Cloth markets were
    M Haneef Shaikh Since we lived in Ranchore Line adjascent to Typhoon’s Building and Urdu College groceries were done from a Ration Shop owned by a Ismaili. My dad used to settle the payments on monthly basis. The meat from Sattar in Sitara Market, Poona Bhai Tower,
    Anjum Jalal Our daily groceries servant brought from gol market near NewTown Masjid,and bread and butter from New Town Bakery.Monthly grocery from Empress Market my Mother bought herself.Clothes and shoes from Sadar or Bundar Road .Sugar and other things from the See More
  • Razi Khan Bhadur abad…Uniersal stores, society stores, imtiaz,when he was a toddler and used to sit behind big bags of rice and sugar while his father would do all the costumer dealing, he would just sit idle…but now…it us just unbelievable how he rose from that small grocery shop. Already owns every shop in his past neighborhood. Even many bungalows being rented or bought as his godowns!
  • Razi Khan Madina Bakery….still I get favourite rusks from there…old bakery @ Zam zam has been demolished…but he already had bought neat shop just in front…keeping his customer happy..never gave up on quality…55 years
  • Sheema Sayeed My clothes from ,some shop in Bohri bazar ,or Ryadh ,or were stitched by eldest sister and traditional clothes like churidar pajama ,gharara ,by a relative .s
    shoes from English boot house or Uniform shoes by bata ,and fancy slippers from fitrite ,or Montina .
    Groceries from Abdul stores ,and some shop in nazimabad as our cook went with amma ,for it .See More
    • Mona Alavi When we were young in 70s we use to get school books & comics from Tariq book shop & there was another shop there too( I forgot the name) in dupatta galli,Tariq rd. Monthly grocery from Empress market, meat chicken etc from Tariq rd bazar.
  • Faiza Ahmed I can relate to most of the shops mentioned. Comics from Tit bits, magazines from Grinich, Pak American or Victoria book store all on Elphi. Course books,stationary etc from Anthony Cortino and ofcourse shoes from Fitrite and no where else!!
  • Saad Bashir Hassan M Farooqi your description of the Bahadurabad shops is exactly as I remember them.
    I used Kino Photo quite a bit for passport sized photographs required for official purposes.
    For other photos my parents always went to Car Studios on Zaibunnisa Street (opp. Zafar Marbles.)
  • Farzana Maqsood We lived in Karachi from 1966 we lived on block six PECHS nursery market was the nearest we got everything from there for books and school stuff we used to go to Taj book store but for shoes we used to go to English boot house in saddar mummy used to go to Empress Market to get the groceries like rice daal sugar all the dry stuff for the whole month …
    • Arifa Mashhood Hamid Farzana Maqsood we lived in block 6 too. My family moved to our home (when I was 6 months old) in July 1958 and were there until mid 1977, the best years growing up. Our house was opposite Nursery, bang across from Naumania Mosque in the Tiwana house (See More

About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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