The Parsi Community of Karachi

Azra Malik

The Parsi community in Karachi in spite of being a small minority, has made a remarkable impact on the Metropolis. Eduljee Dinshaw , a renowned philanthropist established the Lady Dufferin hospital, a hospital exclusively for women and children in 1894 in Karachi. Eduljee Dinshaw did a great deal of charitable work and also set up a number of dispensaries in Saddar and Lyari for the poor. This community has established a number of hospitals in Karachi.
Anklesaria hospital, Gool Banoo and Dr Burjor Anklesaria Nursing Home Karachi, started its operation in 1962. Dr S.D Anklesaria Eye Hospital, and Spencer Eye Hospital established in 1938 by Dr KN Spencer.
The NED University, named after its benefactor Nadirshaw Eduljee a Dinshaw was established in 1922 in Karachi. Mama Parsi Girls School was established on 1st April 1818, by a Parsi philanthropist and also the first mayor of Karachi Jámshed Nusserwanjee Metha !
Bai Virbaiji Soparivala BVS Parsi boys school and Dow Medical College were also founded by Parsis.
The Parsi community also established hotels in Karachi. Hotel Metropole , used to be an important landmark in the city was inaugurated by Shah of Iran in 1951.
Avari Hotels was founded in 1944 by Dinshaw Avary. Their first location was the Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi in 1948. Later the company established the 17-storey Avari Tower Hotel, with 120 suites in Karaćhi.
The undoubtably amazing, hardworking and benevolent Parsi community is also known for their “Endless love affair with their cars” reference (Consumer Pulse- Parsis and their endless love affair with their cars).
Scan any auto classified of any reputable newspaper of Karachi, one is bound to come across ‘Parsi owned’ car ads. Parsi-owned cars are sold at a 20% premium as compared to other used cars.
While reading this ad in the newspaper, I always got curious to find out the reason? And of course the reason is that the Parsis are very particular about the maintenance and the upkeep of their cars, due to which their cars always remain in good shape and fetch a good price in the market .
So, next time you are considering a second- hand car you know where to go.

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Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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