Paan Karachi Wala….!

Ms. Anjum Khan

For some reason I don’t remember my self ever having a desire to even taste a “Saada paan”.. it’s strong smell always warded me away yet it was /is still quite popular among many ..don’t take me wrong once in a while I don’t mind having one “Meetha pan” woh bhi fully drenched in loads of “ Gulqand ”and sprinkled with tons of “khopra” sprinklers , so much that many a times the taste of pan is only felt when all the good stuff is gone and only the hard core “chalia”bits and slightly bitter minuscules bits of chewed pan is left in the mouth.☺️
As a lil girl I remember my daadi ama used to cherish her “paandaan”as her prized Possession much to the dismay of my dada Abu .. she even learnt the art of making a “paan ki glori “from her best friend and neighbour “ Hajan Bai”
from where she drived this shoq.
Pan has been around since long in our Indo pak ,we all know that , our neighboring country still has more pan key shoqeen people then in our country, infact over the period of time the number of “pan key khokhey “ r kinda diminishing in its number. Maybe because like prices on all items taking a hike this shoq is also kinda getting expensive to afford now Yet still in “Shaadi Biya” parties it has taken a new turn as it is now used as a “ after dinner treat ”it’s wrapping and presentation has also taken a new shape depending upon the place you buy from .. some pans are sold for a “thousand rupees” and some evern at a higher price .,”Woh kehtey haina shoq ka koi mol nahi hota “lol.
In many special Paan stores it is sold in a variety of flavors, Ofcourse “Meetha”
and “Saada Saunf chalia”being the top favorite ,
Other added attractions are
Chocolate paan, silver paan , golden paan,and Banarsi paan ,Some paans are served with a cherry on the top,
I mean like like literary a cherry is attached to it.
Listen people Paan when eaten once in while is not half as bad except that it instantly decolorizes your pearly whites, but making it a habit, Just forget it ,
it spells bad results, like really bad.
Warning :-
The health pundits warn us to refrain from prolong indulging in chewing
paan because of the ingredients put inside ,like the “katha and choona” which can be very toxic for our mouth in general, and that “Beetle Nut” is bad for our teeth and can cause “wear and tear” issues in our gums but More horrible consequences await for those who also use “Tobacco” in it, which can cause severe mouth/throat cancer and many other life threatening and hazroudous throat infections as well.🙁
Keep these warnings in your head, next time songs like” Paan khayo Sanyan hamaro sanwali suratya hont laal laal”and “ Khai kay paan banaras wala khul jai bund akal ka taala” instigate you to have pan.

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About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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