The Immortal Characters of Karachi.


Karachi Ja Lafani Kirdar (Translation; Eminent Personalities of Karachi): by Gul Hassan Kalmati; This book contains the life sketches of nearly 25 great personalities belonging to Karachi, who had played their role in development and progress of this city. Though the book is based on life sketches of personalities but the arrangement has been kept in such a way that picture of evolution and progress of Karachi becomes obvious.

The book is of great value especially when Sindh in Passing through such a phase; the author has connected the younger generation and readers from every section of the society to the history of Karachi through this book. Available for Rs. 600 at Sindhi Books on web.

An English translation entitles “Karachi’s Immortal Characters” is available.

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Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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