Bohri Bazaar Fire 1958 and 1980


Viqar Siddiqui I remember going to Bohri Bazaar with my Mother, as a School Boy in the Sixtees, as a College student in seventies, Later on in the Eighties with my wife, buying household items, knickknacks, etc. but having chat was the highlight, on the way back getting Samosas from NIMCO Corner-original one- was a must.

Here is a copy of post from 2018 BY A MEMBER OF THE Forum; Mr Raza Kazmi: “The first fire was in Bohri Bazar was in 1958 and the other was in 1980.
My father’s brave cousin Aziz-ul-Hasnain Kazmi was in police in 1958 and was in Bohri Bazar when fire engulfed the buildings. The situation was desperate to save lives but fire was uncontrollable. Few people were trapped in one of the building… Aziz-ul-Hasnain bravely climbed the building via sewerage pipes and saved the lives of 11 women and children… the story was in the newspapers. In the process he fell from the building and got injured badly. He was awarded “Sitar-e-Quaid-e Azam” for the recognition of his bravery and service for people.”

Raju Jamil Amin H Karim I well remember the 1958 fire. My mother and elder sister were in Bohri Bazar 20 minutes before fire and chaos broke out—-they had just left for home by cycle rickshaw. When they were at Singer corner there was a huge blast too and some cars speeding up. My dad looked so upset… we lived in Garden Colony. We had no car. He ran towards main Garden Road with his friends till near the main entrance he saw Ammijan and sis in rickshaw my sis was crying. So was Ammijan. Dad too burst out crying. We had no phone even. It was MIR Khalilur Rahman Of JANG who came in his Hillman to give the news. Cars were banned to proceed towards Bohri Bazar. It was hell break loose. Saw headlines next morning. Per memory… over 300+ perished.


About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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