Imperial Airways Limited 1924

Dr. Sohail Ansari 



30th March  1924 marked an unforgettable event in the history of aviation for Karachi.

Imperial Airways Limited which was formed on 31 March 1924 with the merger of British Marine Air  Navigation Company Ltd, the Daimler Airway, Handley Page Transport Ltd and the Instone Air Line  Ltd. started the London to Karachi air service on 30 March 1929. The journey took mere 7 days and  consisted of a flight from London to Basle, a train to Genoa and a Short S.8 Calcutta flying  boats to Alexandria, a train to Cairo and finally a DH.66 flight to Karachi.

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Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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2 Responses to Imperial Airways Limited 1924

  1. It was in 1938 that the Operating Manager of Imperial Airways in Karachi was excluded from 17 clubs in Karachi area for drunkenness and insults to women, including the wives of pilots, and such actions as forcing his way into the bedrooms of the pilots’ wives.

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