Darya Lal Sankat Mochan Mandir Karachi


Darya Lal Sankat Mochan Mandir (also called Jhoolay Lal Mandir), It is located on Eduljee Dinshaw Road near KPT Custom House – Karachi Darya Lal Mandir got its name as it is situated just on the edge of the Arabian sea. The story goes that the Hindus living in the areas around this temple sought the blessing of the deity in the sanctum sanctorum before launching their boats in the sea. It is believed that those who sought the blessings, were safe and sound no matter whatever the fury of the tempest used to be. Apart from that they also got the best variety of fish. Basically most of them came from Mohalla Mahigir (fishermen’s locality). Today, they prefer to make their journey without Darya Lal’s blessings, perhaps because a large part of the temple as well as the surrounding area has been encroached upon by the Karachi Hazara Goods Company, transporters and a tea canteen. (Source Wikimapia) 


About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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