Portrait of the Quaid

By Menin Rodrigues


The portrait on top was taken by Mr. Arthur Sequeira in the studios of Messrs. I. Sequeira & Sons in Saddar Karachi (where the Atrium Mall stands today) in 1943. It was a black & white photo, colored by studio artists to show his actual attire when he came to the studios for his “Official” (see his first passport) photograph. It was also used on all our currency notes and in government offices. Unfortunately, there are so many variations now, not one of them original; WHY do we do this, distort history?
This photo is not the authentic one.
Here are comparisons of 2 more phases in our history when sanity prevailed:

Pak Currency Note - Urdu & Bengali + Original (1)

Pak Currency Note - 1947 to 1997 + Original

Image # 1 – Before 1971 when ‘Bengali’ was also inscribed on our currency notes (the QA image as in original)
Image # 2 – On the occasion of the nation’s 50th Anniversary/Golden Jubilee (1947-1997) – (the QA image as in original)
Distortion on Currency Notes
After 1997, the image was modified/altered for the QA to be shown as wearing a sherwani.

Jinnah's PassportRa'ana Liaquat & I. Sequeira family

Begum Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan inaugurating the official photograph of Mr. Mohamed Alibhai Jinnah in the presence of the family of Messrs. I. Sequeira & Sons Photographers, Karachi, where Mr. Jinnah came to take his photograph.
May be an image of 8 people and text that says 'Official Portrait MOHAMED ALI JINNAH- 1945 ED1S MR LOHE Mr. Arthur Sequeira Photographer, Sequeira Sons, Karachi. Exposed the Official Portrait Mr. Mohamed Jinnah 1945 COM1840523 MR-ARCHIVE 2013'

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