Karachi Cinema Houses

NazCinemaRadhaTalkiesSafaidKhoonThe credit for this idea of arranging photos of Karachi based on their category goes to Menin Rodrigues. Karachi had at one time more than 100 cinema houses. There is an article on them on this site which details the various cinema houses in the city. On this page we will just show the pictures of those houses that are available.  If you have any photo of a movie house of Karachi that is not represented here please send it to us and we will publish it with credit to you. Please send it to globelinker@gmail.com  Thanks.

Pic 2 - Paradise CinemaPic 3 - Capitol CinemaPic 4 - Light House CinemaPic 5 - Nishat CinemaPic 6 - Rio CinemaPic 7 - Taj Mahal CinemaPic 8 - Drive-In CinemaPic 9 - Jubilee CinemaPic 10 - Star CinemaPic 11 - Ritz CinemaPic 12 - Rivoli CinemaPic 13 - Super Talkies CinemaPic 14 - Lyric CinemaPic 15 - Naz CinemaPic 16 - Odeon CinemaPic 17 - Noor Mehal CinemaPic 18 - Regal CinemaPic 19 - Bambino CinemaPic 20 - Capri CinemaPic 21 - Prince Cinema

Pic 23 - Nasheman Cinema


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