Dow Medical College Inauguration 1945

Sohail Ansari There was a long standing medical school in Hyderabad. In 1930’s reforms were brought in to health and medical education. The school in Hyderabad gave a diploma level licensure; those taking course needed only matriculation for the course. There was a need of properly educated/trained doctors. The Indian Medical Council asked for an upgrade. That saw the school being upgraded and bought to Karachi. The medical college was initially housed in the NJV School. Hugh Dow happened to be the Governor at that time and thus the college was named after him
25. Inauguration of Dow medical college.
Nov 1945. Minister Pir ilahi bux addressing the audience. Sitting governor Mr. Maudi seated. Who inaugureted the college.
Sohail Ansari Francis Mudie was the last Governor of Sindh under the British Raj and served from 15th January 1946 to 13th August 1947. After partition he was appointed as the first Governor of Punjab, Pakistan.
Courtesy of Dr. Sohail Ansari and others.
Abridged from FaceBook Posts.
Amin H. Karim MD
April 13 2019

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Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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