Weekend Fun for Landlords

By: Amin H. Karim

The SINDH JAGIRDAR HOTEL:  The Hotel situated at the corner of M.A. Jinnah Road and Hassan Ali Effendi Road is one of the oldest hotels in Karachi. It was there in 1950’s and still in business. It is right across from old Lighhouse Cinema and Landa Bazar and KMC Building. It was reputed as a “Pleasure Hotel” for the landlords from interior on a weekend of fun; Napier Road red light area was just a few blocks away! Dehli Muslim Hotel with its North Indian cuisine of excellence was across the street. Dow Medical College hostel students were frequent visitors. Dow was walking distance on the other side of the road. Remember a barber shop on the ground floor of Jagirdar Hotel and a very talented barber by the name of Karim Bhai. Anyway, there are other things to note in the picture. Family of 4 on a bike riding the wrong way on M.A. Jinnah Road. A old Baba making a living driving a rickshaw. And note the encroachers Theley walas! They have occupied the road as if it belongs to them putting pedestrians and bikes at risk. This area used to be shiny and clean. Roney ka makaam! (AHK Dekhta Chala Gaya Feb 12 2019)

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SINDH ZAMINDAR HOTEL: was located on M.A. Jinnah Road smack across Ghulam Ali Khalidina Hall and Services Hospital Masjid; It was situated between the two roads: Keemat Rai Road and Punjrapur Road; these roads went east to join Ram Talao Road what bordered on the Aram Bagh Masjid (all these street names remain unchanged, thankfully); That Aram Bagh area (called Rambagh in the past) famous for old and new and made to order wood furniture. Coming back to the Hotel Zamindar: it was built by the British in 1920 and used by their officers till independence after which it was used by Sindh Zamindars visiting with/without their families for weekends in the “Las Vegas of Sindh” which was Karachi! 🙂 From late 90s on it had deteriorated and taken over by shops with its upper floors gutted. A hard working architect/engineer Arif Hasan headed its restoration by Sindh Government and remade its facade and inside; (second photo). Not sure what state it is in now but will take more pictures on next visit to Karachi. (or maybe someone can visit the area and send us pictures) Kausar Medico is next to it on the south side and further on there used to be the old Mughal Tailors shop (dad of our member Jawed Mughal) and Pioneer Book Store and Balsara Short Hand training center. On its north was the old Majestic Cinema, which is long gone and replaced by Allahwala Cloth Market. ( AHK Feb 14 2019(


About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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