Karachi Photos 1926-1940



Yawer Shameem This was originally Lloyd’s Bank, whose operations were acquired by Grindlays Bank in 1947, later in the late 1970’s Grindlays closed down extra branches on Chundrigar Road (this one and Muhammadi House) and this building was sold to Union Bank of Middle East (UBME) which became Emirates Bank. After Emirates Bank closed down the building was acquired by Saudi-Pak Bank which became Silkbank. The last operating business at this building was Silkbank. Silk has since moved it’s offices elsewhere. I can see that the building is currently under renovation/repairs, not sure about who owns it now.





McLeoad Road (No I.I. Chundrigar Road) in 1940s



K.M.C. BUILDING: Located on M.A. Jinnah Road, the building was built to serve as the venue of the KMC offices.It was completed on December 31, 1931, and its construction costs amounted to Rs1,775,000. Jodhpur stone was used for the exterior, while the local Gizri stone was used for the rear and the interior. Designed in the Anglo-Mughal style, the building is shaped like the letter ‘E; with a clock tower that rises to 162 feet.

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