Jinnah Hospital Karachi.

Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) started in 1930 in Medical Corps Hospital, meant for medical aid to military personnel exclusively. In 1942 it was re-named as the British General Hospital and remained as such till 1947; a 100 bedded hospital with all basic necessary facilities.

    After the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the father of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was requested to grant approval to lend his name to the hospital, which he graciously accorded, with the condition that it be opened for the public. Thus the Medical Corps Hospital/British General Hospital was named as Jinnah Central Hospital (JCH).
Being the capital city of Pakistan at that time, Karachi became home to thousands of Federal Government employees, who settled here along with their families. The Government of Pakistan decided to establish JCH as a well equipped hospital to cater for their medical needs, as the existing Civil Hospital was inadequate for this purpose.


In 1952, Dow Medical College (DMC) was attached with JCH. In August 1954 the National Assembly of Pakistan authorized the Basic Medical Sciences Institute (BMSI), as basic sciences education was deemed crucial to establishing a centre for higher medical education. After its initial establishment at DMC, Karachi, the Government of Pakistan changed the site for the development of BMSI to a building situated at the site of JCH. The Indiana University with its staff embarked on the establishment of BMSI, headed by Dr. Paul A. Nicoll, Prof. of Physiology who deserves major credit for accomplishment of this assignment. He was ably assisted by Dr. Osgood D Priddle, Prof. of Pharmacology and Dr. Rolla N. Harger, Prof. of Biochemistry. The BMSI with six departments and laboratories, including Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology and Physiology, was thus established as the most updated medical institution of its time. The official opening ceremony was held on 11th April, 1959. Speakers on this occasion were the President of Pakistan, General Muhammad Ayub Khan, President of Indiana University, Dr. Harman B. Wells and Director General Health, Col. M. Jaffer.
    The opening ceremony was a grand affair. The first class of students was inducted on 1st June, 1959. In 1963, the amalgamation of BMSI and all units of JCH led to the creation of JPMC with the combined administration headed by a Director.
JPMC, thus established, comprised of a cluster of buildings spread over 148 acres. The prime purpose of this institution, in addition to treating patients, became higher medical education, training and research. Thereafter, with the passage of time, more buildings were constructed to cater to the growing needs of various evolving specialties. It can now proudly claim to be the biggest and the best equipped public sector hospital in Pakistan, employing highly qualified staff in numerous specialties, ready to render quality health care services to the ailing. In the process, JPMC also imparts high quality training to medical graduates, nurses and technicians and undertakes meaningful research in clinical and basic medical sciences.
These are some phyisicians that we remember were well known in the Karachi physician community.
Please add other names.
Late Prof. Shaikh Abdul Hamid was Chairman of Department of Surgery. Founded the Pakistan SOciety of Surgeons,
       and Founder-Editor of Pakistan Journal of Surgery.
Late Prof Syed Mohibur Rab was Chairman of Department of Medicine
Late Prof. Ashfaque Ahmed, Department of Medicine, Ward 3
Late Prof. Sultan Farooqui.
Late Prof. Mohammed Attar,. Department of Anesthesia.
Late Prof. Omer Vali Jooma, Chairman Department of Neurosurgery
Prof. Rashid Jooma, Department of Neurosurgery.
Prof. Zaki Hassan Psychiatry; Later become dean of Baqai Medical College
Prof. Suleman, Orthopedics
Prof. Saghir. Orthopedics.
Prof. Kazi, Orthopedics.
Prof. Hamida Sharif, Intensivist.
Prof. Kashf Ud Dujha, Principal of Sind Medical College.  Was Professor of Physiology at Dow Medical College in the 1970’s.
Prof. Asadullah Khan, Surgery.
Prof Zaidi of Radiation Oncology
Dr. B.A. Qureshi, Administrator of JPMC
Dr. Shahid Kamal. (Dow 1977) Nuclear Medicine Department.
Prof. Saadiqa Jafry, Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Prof. Saleh Memon, Ophthalmology
Prof. Saeed Kirmani.
Prof. Haroon Ahmed, Psychiatry.
Prof. I.H. Rathore, Chest Surgery.
Late Prof. Hamid Ali Khan, Chairman, Department of Pediatrics.
Late Dr. Abu Bakr Momal, Department of Surgery
Prof. Mahmooda Said, Chairperson, DepartmentOb-Gyn.
Late Prof. Minhas, Department of Medicine, Ward 6.
Prof. Hasan Aziz, Neurology.
Prof. Ibrahim, Director of JPMC in the late 60s and founder of the Diabetic Association. Prof. . Samad Chawdary, Prof of Gynecology in 1950’s.
Prof. T.S. Haroon, Dermatology.
Prof. Zubaida Kassam, Physiology.
Prof. Zakaullah Baig, Chest Medicine.
Prof. I.H. Bhatti, Neurosurgery.
Captain Rasheed, General Surgery.

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Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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  1. zafarullah syed says:

    The name of late Prof. Oomer Vali Jooma not the Oosman Vali Jooma . He was the father of Prof Rasheed Jooma and it may be confirmed by him .Thanks

  2. 925brands says:

    Sir, Keep on sharing, stay motivated…
    love your work…

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