Half Century Old Small Businesses in Karachi

Amin H. Karim

In this article we will present small family owned businesses in Karachi that have survived the changes of Karachi. It will be work in progress as we add more businesses that are discovered by the members of the Karachi Past and Present forum on FaceBook.
Karachiites remember many a small business that did an excellent job in their field. It is a personal observation that many family owned businesses in Karachi came to an end for one of the three reasons: (1) competition from large corporations as happens in many parts of the world (2) family disintegration due to one reason or another (3) and most importantly, I think, emigration of children to other countries a direct result of unfortunate violence in the city but also children simply not returning once they were prospering in other countries. There may be other reasons as well.
Here are some businesses that have survived the above causes and continue to serve Karachiites, in fact have grown with time and spread to the suburbs with branches.

    Started on Bunder Road (Now I.I. Jinnah Road) in 1948 and owned by a Mr. Hussain Kausar. It now has branches in Defense Housing Society.  The original shop is located across from Khaliq Dina Hall and Dow University of Health Sciences, in the  neighborhood of old Majestic Cinema. Majestic Cinema is now gone and replaced by Allahwala Cloth Market built by Mr.Abdul Khaliq Allahwala who was a Member of National Assembly in 1960’s in the Ayub Khan era.KausarMedicoMAJinnah2018
2) Kashmir Art Emporium on Zebunnisa Street.
3) Grand Tea Company in Saddar
4) High School Restaurant on M.A. Jinnah/Mission Road
Image may contain: outdoor
5) Jinnah Sports, M.A. Jinnah Road
6) Said Ghani
7) Mohammed Hashim Tajir Surmawala
8) Friends Optical (on M.A. Jonnah Road and Clifton)
9) Jafferjee and Co. Leather (On Abdullah Haroon Road and also Clifton)
10) Khamisani Travels
11) Azamsons Medical Books, Mission Road.
12) Hotel Jabees.
13  Beach Luxury Hotel
14  Village Restaurant
15  Sanuallah Clothiers.
16  Wahid Nehari Burns Road.
17. Royal Silk Palace, Abdullah Haroon Road. Established 1948.  Owner Imtiaz Longi.

About Amin H. Karim MD

Graduate of Dow Medical College Class of 1977.
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7 Responses to Half Century Old Small Businesses in Karachi

  1. Akber Zaidi says:

    English Boot House
    Sind Islamia Hotel
    Hotel Farooq
    Baloch Ices
    Hollywood Hair Dressers Tariq Road

    • Amin H. Karim MD says:

      Thank You Akbar Zaidi Sahib.

    • Adnan Zuberi says:

      Kausar Medicos branch not in defence society. This is KDA Scheme 33 Block 9, Clifton, at Chaudhary Khaliq uz Zaman road( Gizri road) karachi. This building was made at reclaimed land at Nahr e Khayyam which was connecting to Boat Basin.

  2. Amin H. Karim MD says:

    Also added Tapal Tea Co. Korangi Karacni. Started in 1947 in Jodia Bazar

  3. Amin H. Karim MD says:

    Ohters added Nov 2018:
    Abbasi Kitab Khana Juna Market est 1910
    Hotel Mehran, Shahrah-e-Faisal, 189 room Hotel built by r. Feroze Baweja.

  4. Mahmoud Ali says:

    Who can forget Bridge Stores, just past Clifton Bridge on the right hand corner on the way to Clifton.

  5. Mateen Shaikh says:

    United bakery, Abdul Khaliq sweet, chorangi store and tit bit comic book

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