Pakistan Radio Artist S.M. Saleem



Remembering S.M.Saleem Radio Pakistan Artist:
Late S.M. Saleem was a veteran radio artist in the 1960’s who later migrated to USA and settled in Houston, Texas. Here he introduced a radio program “Kehkashan” on Saturday mornings One of his sons Dr. Agha Sahir Saleem has a facebook page dedicated to his memory and more photos. Dr. Saleem practices Pulmonary Medicine in Houston. Mrs. Suraiya Saleem used to read the English News for overseas Pakistan at 2 AM from Radio Pakistan. In Houston she taught English at the Bellaire High School and is now retired. In the photo Mr. Saleem is on the left with other Radio Pakistan artists Khadija Naqvi, Shamsudin Butt, M.A. Razzaq and others; S.M. Saleem used to do a popular Saturday evening radio show called “Dekhta Chala Gaya” which was part of the skits program “Kehkashan”. On Sunday nights he often participated in dramas called Studio Number 9. There was no TV and radio was one great source of family entertainment. His sweet and melodious voice with impeccable Agra Urdu was a treat and a memory difficult to erase. I once asked Mrs. Saleem if she has any audio tapes of his programs. Unfortunately, they were lost in Houston flooding
S.M. Saleem acted in many Pakistan TV dramas after 1964 when TV was first introduced in Pakistan.
Photo courtesy of Agha Sahir Saleem. 

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  1. Shabbir says:

    S MSaleem Saheb was a great artist, a very humble and polite person. Love his radio shows of that area,. May Almighty rest his soul in peace.

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